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Break a leg

Trying to please…


Part 3


When we got home I carefully help her out of the car and handed her the crutches. After positioning them under her arms she slowly walked up the driveway and up the steps to the front door. It was her first time on crutches and she was being very careful.


It was amazing to see Lindsay in a full leg cast and crutches.


She sat on the sofa and I put pillows under her broken leg.


“I’m so sorry Adam; this broken leg is going to be such a pain for me and for our plans” She said rubbing the cast with her fingers. First she survives a plane crash to only break her leg 2 days later.


Right now she hated the crutches even more than the cast.


Lindsay and I have been together for thirty years and married for twenty eight years.

We have one daughter gone to college. We have been very happy in marriage. We have both been faithful to each other.


Lindsay is five feet 11 inches tall with blond hair, incredible legs and firm breast

One of Lindsay little fetish is that we go shopping together when she needs to buy underwear. A sexy 34C firm chest. I choose the style and usually by the time we are done and back home we are both so horny that we make passionate love.


Strange fetish you think, well mine is even stranger.




2 weeks after her car accident, I realised quite clearly that she did not share one of my sexual fantasy. One of my deepest secret that nobody knows is my attraction to ladies having to wear a leg cast and using crutches.


Lindsay fits that perfectly with her red cast. She was already back at work and wearing skirts and dresses that made her look so attractive while on crutches.


The way the cast followed the contour of her long leg made it look so beautiful.


The problem was that she was getting tired of the crutches and her broken leg forced her to stop so many activities that she loved to do. She also didn’t feel like an attractive woman while in this long and heavy cast.


After 2 weeks of nothing but kisses and “I love you” as we went out the door. I thought that it was time for more.


She came in on her crutches into the kitchen.


“How’s the leg Lindsay?”


“It’s ok I guess. I can’t believe I will be on crutches for close to a year. I almost don’t feel like a woman but some sort of attraction. People stare at me like I’m weird or something” She said leaning heavily on her crutches.


When she leaned like that while standing, I could see her breast compress between the crutches.


So hot…and such a turn on.


“You have no idea how sexy and cute you look right now Lindsay”


“Common look at me Adam, even you don’t touch me since I broke my leg. No sex nothing”


“I’m so… turned on Lindsay. I want to make love to you so bad! I want to feel your cast. You have no idea how I feel. I didn’t want to impose since I knew how you felt about the cast and crutches experience. The cast and crutches just increased my attraction to you. ” I felt my erection and turned around.


I had my back to my wife. I didn't want her to see my arousal. She came up to me on her crutches and put her arms around my waist. I could feel her tears touching the back of my neck and her cast rubbing against my leg.


“Adam? I love you so much, I am sorry I have let things slide in the sex department. I have just been so tired of moving on crutches all the time at work,” she paused for a moment,


“Adam please don't take this the wrong way but are you telling me that some of the emails you exchange and the sites that you go on are related to how you feel about ladies with broken leg?” She said moving sideways on her crutches.


“Lindsay, you don’t have to worry about any of this. I love you more than I did the first time we met. You are right I will spend less time on the internet. Some of the sites are stories with woman in leg cast living all kind of experiences and day to day events”


There she was standing on her crutches looking so desirable, sexy and beautiful. Teasing me to say more. She was in total control of the situation and we were both realizing it.


“Yes OK but I don’t feel sexy, I don’t feel like the cast or the crutches bring anything to my life except pain” She said while looking at her long red cast.


“Forget about it Lindsay, I know that sounds crazy”


There, case closed… That should teach me a lesson for being open minded about such a crazy sexual fetish




The following week, we were watching a commercial about a new resort in Mexico, when Lindsay turned to me and asked,


“Would you want to go there?


I looked more closely at the resort and then at Lindsay and her broken leg.


Mexico? Well more precisely “Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya”


“Why not Adam, it would be a good place to relax and rest my broken leg. What do you think” She said looking with her green eyes deep into my soul


“You never cared about resort before Lindsay…Didn’t you used to say that they were boring?” I replied.


“Sure I did but now with my crash, broken leg and crutches I could really use a holiday and so do you. Plus I could learn more about your secret fetish…” She smiled and asked me for help to get up after kissing me.


She stood up on her left leg, position the crutches under her arms and with a wink went up the stairs slowly. She was giving me a good look of her cast and her tight ass.


I was wondering what was going on when Lindsay came back down stairs on her crutches wearing a very brief bikini.


It was not really that small but not that large either. It covered what it was supposed to, but left a lot of flesh on show and total view of her broken leg. It fitted Lindsay perfectly and suited me fine.


All her curves were all show and the bikini top boasted her cleavage. She turned around showing me that the bottom of the swimsuit was a thong.


Lindsay has a nice rounded bottom and she also has a fairly flat stomach that is testament to her work at the gym. She also has nice legs, both legs equally attractive for different reasons right now.


The whole package in front of me was very nice indeed and the long red cast just accentuated the beauty. She was a dream come true standing in front of me dress like that and on crutches.


“Is this what you're going to wear in Mexico?”


“Yes it is, do you like it?”  She asked squeezing her crutches.


“You look stunning. I just want you to know what other men will think of you dressed in that swimsuit while on crutches. All my friends on the net Lindsay would die for their wife to look half has good has you look right now.”


“Well should I be worries that poor little men can’t stand a tall sexy woman in a leg cast wearing a swim suit? I have you to protect me and take care of me while I’m still injured and broken”


I was mesmerised, it was like Lindsay was realizing the effect that she was having on me while on crutches. She was in control and loving it more and more.


She crutched over to me, dropped her crutches and ….


Part 4 to come





Trying to please…


Part 2


“Usually in my life anyway, every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” Lindsay said. “There's a price for everything.”


He smiled at her in such a devilish way.


“You're going to make my job very difficult,” he said


“I'm sorry, I feel like I should be thanking you” she said.


The tall black man laughed. A deep laughed.  “Bye for now Lindsay Ramos.”


He walked away from the Civic and Lindsay drove away slowly from the parking garage.




He wrapped his solid arms around her shoulders and pulled her tightly against him. Lindsay closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations, all her senses overloading with erotic stimulus.


Next thing she was horizontal floating across the room in her husbands hands. He laid her gently on their bed and began to undress her, kissing each inch of her skin as he exposed it.


She wanted more, for each second he teased she grew increasingly impatient. At the height of her lust he finally exposed her breasts.


Blowing gently against her earlobe she then heard the tall black man whispered,


“Lindsay Ramos, are you ready to let him take over your life?”


“What’s going on?” She asked while her husband didn’t realize a thing and kept licking her nipples while rubbing her long legs.


The black man was inside her head when he said. “It’s time for his fantasy Lindsay…You are a lucky wife since it involves you…Good luck Lindsay Ramos”


He disappeared from her mind when she came loud and hard with the best orgasm ever, her husband was smiling while rubbing her all over. He was so happy that she survived the crash.




“This is NY PD; I'm calling for Mr. Adam Ramos”


“Yes speaking what can I do for you officer?”


“Sir, are you married to Lindsay Ramos?”


“Yes I am what’s going on?”


“Sir a Mrs. Ramos was in a car accident”


“Oh my god is Lindsay OK?”


“She was just taken to St-Michael emergency room with injuries resulting from the automobile collision”


That was so strange, one minute I was making love to my wife caressing her and the second minute I’m on the phone and Lindsay been in an accident.


I rushed out to my car and sped to the hospital. I had at least a 2 hour drive to get to St-Michael.


What was she doing in that part of the state? We don’t know anybody that lives there.


By the time I got there, they led me to a small private recovery room; she was sleeping heavily. She looked so beautiful and at peace.


Her right leg was in a temporary cast up to mid thigh and it was elevated from a sling mounted to her bed. I managed to sit in the chair by the bed when the doctor walked in.


“Hello Mr. Ramos”


“Hi Doctor, will she be ok?”


“Yes she was very lucky but she won’t be walking for quite sometime. She has a broken right ankle, broken tibia, broken fibula, dislocated knee and broken femur bone.”


“Wow” was all I could say. There was my wife with a totally shattered leg in pieces.


“It will be at least 38 to 40 weeks before she can walk again Mr. Ramos. Your wife will need a lot of help from you to adjust to her new situation”


“I understand. What’s next Dr.?”


“When she wakes up we will apply the first non weight bearing cast and she will be ready to start her new life on crutches full time”


That same night sitting at home I was dreaming while awake of Lindsay. It almost made me smile, and I got an instant arousal. Lindsay broken leg was propped up on a mountain of pillows. She had lowered her purple silk nightgown below her breasts and was using her hand to caress her nipples in an alternating pattern.


But her breasts only kept my attention for a moment, it was her long leg cast that grabbed my attention and held it. Her broken leg was spread as far as it could go and other leg was splayed open nearly ninety degrees. It was clear she was no longer wearing panties, but most of her private parts were covered by her right hand. Her hand was moving furiously, pumping two fingers inside of herself while her thumb rubbed circles around her engorged clit.


I had never seen her masturbating and I was instantly aroused by it. She began to moan again, but her eyes were still closed so I knew that she hadn't seen me. I was so turned on that I didn't care if she caught me when I came all over my hands thinking how happy I will be to help her around while she will be in a leg cast and using crutches.




The next day she was so happy to see me. With my help she sat in the wheelchair and for the first time I had a good chance to look at her red fiber cast that was slightly bent at the knee. Her sexy long right leg covered by this red cast.


She managed to slide inside the taxi and I sat in the back with her. I could tell that her broken leg was really sore. Her cast was in my lap, trying to keep the taxi from jostling her.


Feeling her broken leg on my lap made me aware how turned on I was. Her long strong leg, the one not in a cast and left exposed by the purple shorts that she wore, brushed against my leg also.


My arm wrapped firmly around her waist, one hand supporting her broken leg.


She smiled at me.


“What?” I said


“Oh nothing, I’m just happy you are here with me in times of needs” She said smiling at me again. Almost like teasing me.


So much mixed emotion right now. I was so sorry that she was in pain but at the same time she looked so sexy and beautiful in that cast.



Part 3 to come





Trying to please…


Part 1



“Madame Ramos?” the nurse said quietly. Lindsay turned her face pale as she sat in her hospital bed.


“Yes,” Lindsay said her voice scared and confused.


“Dr. Green would like to speak with you, and I'm happy to say that he is ready to release you” The nurse, spoke very gently, trying to be as kind as she could to the special woman in front of her.


You see Lindsay Ramos was the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash.


349 dead and 1 alive. You can imagine why Lindsay was confused. It was a miracle.


Dr. Green felt mixed emotions for this woman. He was guessing that guilt of some sort was eating her inside. She sat before him, her dark blonde hair pretty but untidy, her green eyes surrounded by dark circles. He wished very much she had a sibling or

other relative to share the burden, but they were still trying to contact her husband that was in a scientific expedition.


He was in the one spot in the world where satellite phone don’t work. Just like she was in the one sport in the jumbo jet to survive such a crash.


What a coincidence, if you believe in them.


“Lindsay,” he said. She raised her eyes to him.


“I've finalized all the test and you are free to go. There is nothing wrong physically with you. Not even a broken finger nail. I’m sorry but it’s amazing. It’s a miracle.”


“But…I don’t believe in miracles and don’t be sorry I…” she started to say, and then stopped. She had no idea what to say anyway, and decided she should hear the doctor out.


“I would like to keep in touch if you don’t mind. I asked your personal family doctor and she said yes if you were OK with that” he continued.


“All right,” she said, somewhat dully. It made sense. She was after all the miracle lady that is still alive after the crash. The staffs were all wonderful, people like Dr. Green tried very hard to keep her informed, to make her comfortable.


“You can leave anytime you like. Have they reached your husband?” He asked while he handed her a card with all his numbers.


“Actually yes finally I talked to him early this morning and he’s on his way back” Lindsay said.


“I really do appreciate it.” She added looking at the card.


Dr. Green nodded.


“I have to go,” he said, patting her hand, “but don't hesitate to call me if you need anything.” He stood up and left to do his rounds.


Lindsay stared at the card in her hand for a few more moments and then stood as well, putting the card in her pocket. She saw herself in the mirror.


“Are you all right?” The nurse asked, knowing how crazy the question sounded.


“I am” said Lindsay. “How can that be…No cut or any broken bones?” She didn't sound as though she believed it.


“I know…nobody can explain it. At least not medically” She squeezed the woman's hand gently.


“Thanks,” said Lindsay. She made her way through the brightly lit hallways, down to the dim parking garage.  She wondered again how her car was brought to the hospital garage… Since she has her keys.


“Eh stop it’s a good thing, you’re alive” She told herself, stop questioning everything.


“Hello Lindsay” a tall black man standing beside her car.


“Hello, do we know each other?” She asked concerned and a bit scared.


“Well lets just say that I know you…I know you very well”


“I’m sorry but I don’t recall, what’s your name?”


“My name is not important Lindsay. I’m here to take something from you. I need information from you”


“I don’t understand what kind of information’s? Who do you work for?”


He walked towards her. “Don’t be afraid, I was a witness of the crash and now it’s your turn to give somebody the same favour that you got”


“I need to sit down,” said Lindsay, letting herself inside her little Civic. The tall man sat in the passenger’s seat.


“It's hard to take in, isn't it?” he asked.


“I don’t understand” she said, waving her hand.


“In a way it’s quite simple, somebody gave you a second life, a second chance and now you have to pick one person to whom you will give at first a chance to act on one of her or his deepest fantasy, sexual or other and then later on in your life I will be back so that you can give a second life to somebody”


“You have to be kidding…I don’t believe in all this…common…” Lindsay said in almost a whisper.


The tall black man nodded. “Oh, yah... Lindsay, do you really believe that you could crash like you did and survive? You think that you are that special?”


“God I don’t, you must know that, I need a drink,” said Lindsay. Hallucination or not, she needed to move on.


“Ok then I pick my husband for the fantasy and the second chance” she said,


“Well, you understand that fantasy resides in him right now and that it might or not involve you?”


“Yes I understand”


“And that you might want to wait a few years before taking him also for the second chance” said the tall black man admiring her while talking. She was a very lovely woman.


He totally understood her husband sexual fantasy


Lindsay shook her head. “There's no need. He gets both.”


He stared at her. “Ok, have a wonderful second life Lindsay”


“Wait” she yelled while he was getting out of the car.


“Will I remember all this? Is this real?”


He ignored her.


“Usually in my life anyway, every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” Lindsay said. “There's a price for everything.”


He smiled at her in such a devilish way.



Part 2 to come

“A different type of cast lover”




She felt his hard cast against her leg and it was so special.  She had such an increased in sensitivity that she could virtualizes in her mind the cast covering his leg.


“Oh my, you are quite the man.”


Turning her to the door, he used his master key to open it and said,


“Thank you for the lovely evening, you have no idea as to how long it has been. May I kiss you good night?”


“I think I’d like that Steve.”


Steve held her chin and brought his face to hers and their lips met. The tenderness of her lips against his was wonderful and exciting. Holding her close to him, her breast pressed into his chest, the kiss continued longer than he thought possible.


Breaking the kiss, Melanie said, “Would you like to come in for a while?”


“Yes, Yes, I’d like that a lot.”


Closing the door behind him they moved to the bed right away.


Sitting next to Melanie on the bed, Steve dropped his crutches on the floor, reached out and put his arm around her and moved her to him so he could kiss her again.


Steve’s hand was on Melanie’s shoulder and he slid the strap down her arm. The back of his palm slightly touching the top of her breast. She inhales deeply and raises her hand to cover his and places it on her bra covered breast, as she continues to kiss him deeply.


“Steve, make love to me”


They removed their clothing. Melanie left her panties on and Steve also left his briefs on.


Steve kissed her again and again and slowly worked his way down her to her neck and nibbled at the flesh. He slid further down and placed his lips on her breast and kissed it all over, ignoring the nipple until the very last. When he took her nipple in his mouth, her hands pushed his head onto her.


“Oh God Steve, that feels so good, suck my nipples, bite them.”


Steve did, like an animal, he attacked her breast and she loved every second of it. He kissed and bit and she shoved her breast into his mouth for more.


Reaching down, Melanie wanted to feel his hard cock in her hand. She slid her hand over his briefs and felt the outline of his hardened meat.


Her hand then found itself wrapping its fingers around his dick. Her hand moving up and down, jerking his cock to even more hardness while she crawled over his broken leg and felt the hard cast between her legs.


She felt the soft ripples of her slick pussy rubbing against the hard surface of his cast and her hips were shoving it harder and harder.


“Oh my God Steve, Oh shit, I’m going to cum all over your broken leg. Oh God yes!”


Melanie’s body convulsed in what was her largest and best orgasm ever.


Her body twisted and turned, her head was swimming in delight and she knew there was a gigantic grin on her face.


“Yes, Yes, fill me with your cock Steve, I want all of you in me”


Steve buried his cock completely in Melanie’s pussy, causing her to grunt and inhale



“Oh shit, that feels so good. Make love to me Steve, please fuck me with that hard cock.”


He needed no further encouragement as he worked his cock in and out of her. Slowly at first, but then with quicker strokes. Both of them sweating profusely

and loving every second of being loved by each other.


Kissing her, his tongue found hers and as their bodies slammed into one another,

their tongues intertwining, his hands cupping her breasts, teasing the nipples. His cock was about ready to explode, but he wanted her to cum with him.


“Cum with me honey, cum hard on my cock while I fill your pussy with my cum,” he said.


He felt his climax start and wind its way up his shaft and spray her pussy with his fluids and she felt his cock expand and his warm cum spraying inside of her. This is all she needed to achieve her own orgasm as those fantastic tingles overtook her body.


He remained inside of her as he laid on her, trying to return to a regular breathing pattern. She didn’t mind his weight on her; it felt good to be in the arms of a man and to enjoy such sexual bliss while at the same time exploring his long leg cast at ease.


As his cock softened, he rolled to her side and pulled her to him and found her

lips once again and kissed her softly.


“Thank you Melanie.”


“No Steve, its me that should say thank you. This was amazing.”


“You were on my mind all day. After I heard your lovely voice and saw you limping around town, I couldn’t get it out of my head and then when you came in to get a room, I was thrilled.” He said.


She wasn’t sure if she should tell him how she felt about his broken leg but decided not too.





Right at 9AM, the phone rang; it was Sylvia, so she got up, showered and dressed. Sylvia came out of the elevator and walked towards Melanie, and she noticed something different about her. Normally, she looked tired first thing in the morning, but today she was smiling and had a glow about her.


Looks as if a night in this mountain air has done you a lot of good, you look radiant this morning,” Sylvia said.


Melanie felt a blush come over her, but she looked towards her friend and said,


“Yes I do feel so much different this morning. Please lead your poor blind and broken friend to breakfast, I’m starving”



The end






“A different type of cast lover”


Part 4


Sylvia looked up from the table and noticed a nice man, about forty-five years old, nicely dressed in a suit where the left pant was sliced to allow his long cast.


“Hello” came from a strong male voice.


“Hello, my name is Melanie and this is my friend Sylvia.”


“I’m Steve”


“What happened to your leg Steve” Sylvia ask


“I had a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago. I broke the tibia and fibula of my left leg” He said still standing while resting his weight on the crutches. Melanie’s mind was going so fast trying to imagine the man standing in front of her on crutches with a full leg cast on.


“We are here just admiring the quaint village, do you live around here?” Melanie asked.


“Yes, yes I do. I own and operate our little hotel and was on my way to work until I heard that lovely voice call to me.”


Melanie then said, “Steve, it seems that we have something in common, I broke my ankle but I’m also blind”


“I’m sorry to hear that, but I have to admit that I was watching you limp around the stores and you seem to be handling both quiet nicely. You’ll have to pardon me; I am running late and must hurry since I’m still fairly slow on my crutches.”


Melanie said, “Nice meeting you Steve.”


“Nice meeting the both of you.” He said as he continued on his way with his left cast floating off the street. His leg was in a full cast almost straight out.


Getting in the car, Sylvia placed the key in the ignition and the engine roared to life, but died just as quickly. Again Sylvia turned the key and there was nothing.


“What’s wrong Sylvia?”


“I don’t know, it was working fine on the way here.


Sylvia tried several more times unsuccessfully to get the car going. “I’m going to have to find a mechanic and see if he can get this car running, do you mind staying here, or do you want to come with me?”


“I’ll just stay here and wait on you, if you don’t mind. My broken ankle is really sore”


“That’s okay honey, I promise to be quick as possible.” With that, Sylvia left Melanie in the car and went looking for a mechanic.


Shortly Melanie heard the sound of a small truck pulling up in front of the car and then heard her friend. “I’m back, they will tow the car and we might have to stay in town tonight.”


She was dreaming of spending some time with Steve since she was planning on spending the night in his hotel.




Jake, the mechanic helped the ladies into his pick-up, along with all their

shopping bags and drove them to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel, Jake said,


“I’ll have to tow your car to the shop, so I’ll need the keys to it.”


Sylvia gave him the keys and helped Melanie up the stairs, in to the hotel. Steve was at the desk and heard the tapping of Melanie’s cane with the thump of her walking cast on the hard wood floor.


“Hello again, Melanie and Sylvia”


A smile quickly came to Melanie’s face


“Hi Steve, our car broke down and we’ll have to stay the night, if you have a room available?”


“I do have some rooms. Problem is, they are single bed rooms. One on the third floor and one here on the first floor.” Steve said.


Sylvia said, “Okay, I’ll go to the third floor and Melanie can take the one on the first floor.”


Steve grabbed his crutches and asked if he could take the liberty of escorting Melanie and when Sylvia saw the smile on Melanie’s face, she couldn’t refuse.


Arriving at her room, he stopped and turned to his right and put the key in and

opened the door. She guided herself with her stick. He was amaze how beautiful she was and how mobile she was with a broken ankle and being blind.


The fresh scent of a newly cleaned room and roses. Roses? She moved around the room until the scent of the flowers were strongest and felt for the vase.


“That is such a nice touch, Steve.” She said smelling the roses


“I thought so. Now I’ll let you get yourself comfortable,” and he turned and left leaving the key in her hand.


She found the bed in the center of the room and sat on it. It was indeed comfortable. Removing her sundress, she just leaned back and fell on the bed and languished in it’s comfort.


Melanie heard the ringing of a phone and rolled over to where the sound was coming from and searched for the phone, thinking it was her Sylvia calling to check on her. Lifting the phone she said,


“Sylvia, I’m fine…”


“I’m sorry Melanie it’s Steve, I wanted to ask if you’d like to accompany me to supper, I get off in about thirty minutes and do hate to eat alone.”


“Yes, I’d love to have supper with you.”


“Good, I’ll come by in say thirty minutes for you?”


“That will be fine, I’ll be ready.”





They made such a cute couple while Melanie walked down the hall to the sound of both her cane tapping the floor and the rubber heels of her cast on the floor. He kept looking at her while being careful not to fall on his own crutches.


 The café was just around the corner from the hotel and Steve had walked there on many occasions. Entering, they were met by Mrs. Jackson, the owner’s wife and escorted to a table.


Mrs. Jackson seated both of them and then said,


“Steve, it’s so nice to see you in the company of such a pretty young lady.”


Melanie blushed.


Shortly thereafter, the drinks arrived and then the meal. The meal was very tasty and both enjoyed it, along with two more martini’s each.


Steve told her how he had come to this village and why he had stayed, and asked

if she visited often and that he would like to see her again. Melanie told him that

she comes up when her mother wants to spend a lazy day together and that it was

only the second time she had been to the village.


After the meal, Steve reposition his crutches and walked her back to the hotel and as they neared her door he stopped and while leaning on his crutches.


“You are very beautiful Melanie and I’m amaze how easily you move around with this huge plaster cast on your foot and your cane” he said.


“You a very sexy Melanie, do you realize that?”


“No, I haven’t, but it is nice to hear you say it.”


“Now, it’s my turn to see how handsome you are,” she said as her fingers traveled along his rugged lines and contours. She felt his …..


Conclusion to come






“A different type of cast lover”


Part 3


 “Oh god my ankle…I think I broke my ankle…help me please” She moaned while her breast rubbed against the hard wood floor. Her nipples were so hard. She loved the way her nipples felt against the floor, the tingling she felt as her fingers teased the hard cast covering her right ankle.


She crawled a bit more towards the kitchen, sliding the plaster cast on the floor moaning louder and louder.


With her right hand, she made her way down to the patch of hair between her legs. Her nails glided through the cropped patch and she felt herself getting wet. Extending her middle finger, she felt her mound and her finger spread those lips, slowly.


“My leg is trapped…I can’t move”


The tip of her finger rode through the wetness and made contact with her clit. A

shiver went up her spine. She moved more fingers between her lips and entered

her love tunnel.


As her fingers went deeper and deeper into her wet pussy, she slid further down

the bed. Moaning with each thrust of her hand, and as her hips rode off the floor to push her hand deeper.



She wanted more, so she stopped and rolled to her left and reached into a drawer and brought out her lover, a ten-inch dildo with a three inch girth. Rolling back she brought the dildo to her soaking love lips and rubbed the head around to get it wet.


Placing it at her entrance, she pushed the head in, licking and smacking her lips.


“Oh god that feels so good”


Then it went in further, and further. Each time she brought it back, just leaving the head in, then wanting more, she shoved it all the way in, in one hard shove.


“Grab my leg and twisted, twisteddddd, pleaseeeeeeeeee”


She immediately climaxed ad her body felt like little lightening bolts rushing through her.


She wanted more, as the sweat dripped from her overheated body. One hand shoving her lover in and out of her pussy, the other mashing her breast and nipples

until she climaxed three more times.


The night was spent just moving around the apartment on her crutches, mostly listening to music or a book on tape until she retired for the evening. Curling under her bedspread in a fetal position, she quickly fell asleep.




Melanie woke the next morning to the startling sound of her phone ringing. Picking up the phone, she spoke in a hazy voice, “Hello.”


“Melanie, it’s Sylvia, sorry to catch you sleeping but I wanted to see if you’d like to accompany me on a little trip if your broken ankle is not to sore? I’m heading up to that little mountain village to spend the day shopping and just having fun.”


“That sounds delightful, yes I’d like to go, but bring coffee”


“Alright, see you in a little while.”


Ann then heard the constant buzz of a dead line and replaced the phone and slowly got out of bed limping towards the bathroom.


Two hours later, Melanie was limping along on the heel of her walking cast on the sidewalks of a quaint country village, along side her friend, Sylvia. The open air stands were just opening, the smell of fresh coffee emanated from the food stand. Melanie caught the scented air of wood as she passed a stand where they carve your name in planks. All the variations of scents just filled her head and had brought a large smile to her face.


“Well, don’t you look like the cat that just ate the rat,” Sylvia said.


“Oh dear, I love coming here. The air is so fresh, the scents from the vendors all mixing together, just makes me feel good.”


“Well, let’s rest your broken ankle and I could stand a cup of coffee or something. There’s an outdoor restaurant up on the left, so let’s stop and get some refreshments,” said Sylvia


Holding her friend’s elbow, they walked to the nearest table and sat down. A

waitress noticed them coming and when they sat grabbed two menu’s and went to

the table. Handing one to each. Smiling, she handed it back in the direction it was given and said,


“Just coffee for me right now, please.”


Sylvia ordered some food along with coffee and they sat talking for about half an

hour. As they were about to leave, Melisa heard the three step of somebody using crutches to move around. It was coming from her left and as it came near their table, she said, “Hello”


Sylvia looked up from the table and noticed a nice man, about forty-five years old, nicely dressed in a suit where…..


Part 4 to come

“A different type of cast lover”


Part 2



Years ago she would have died for that verdict but today. Yet her world was shattered anyway.


“You have a small stress fracture in your ankle”


“You have to be kidding doc. I’m blind; I can’t be on crutches or in a wheelchair”


“No I’m dead serious miss. Because of your situation and the non severity of the fracture I would suggest that we use plaster and give you a walking cast. The big and heavy plaster cast will protect your ankle and you will be able to walk on it with the help of a cane”


“Ok and how long in the cast?”


“Minimum of 5 weeks”


“Ok” She said dreaming already of being in a cast.


“Is it your first cast Melanie?”


“No …I mean yes…at least the first medical one” She said smiling


“I understand” said the doctor


“Let’s get that beautiful leg in a cast, shall we”


The doctor began wrapping the cast around her leg from her ankle up to below her knee. She could already tell this would be pleasant. She couldn’t see the cast but in her mind without touching it she could feel it.


The doctor adjusted the cane to her height and helping her to her good foot. He touched her shoulder.


“I would suggest that while in this walking cast that you use more sensible shoes Melanie.”


She nodded absently, looking guilty. He was probably right but eh you only live once.




Today was just another day to Melanie, as she walked the sidewalks of her

Neighbourhood with her white cane and walking cast. She limped badly when wearing no heel shoes since the rubber heel of her cast was high. The cast reminded her of the one that Gimpix used to do before she lost her vision.


The temperature had rose to eighty-three degrees and she was enjoying the heat on her flesh. The light sundress with spaghetti straps was cut low and exposed a great deal of her cleavage. The dress came to mid-thigh and showed off her broken limb. Not everyday you see a sexy blind woman with a leg cast.


She was radiant and her emerald-green eyes seem to sparkle in the sunlight


She was on holidays. She continued her walk, as she did every day that she could, she took in the sounds of the people talking, the cars roaring by, the gentle breezes passing her ears. She loved when people asked her about her broken ankle. She stopped and chatted with some people.


Sometime she imagined how it would be to see again and be able to use crutches to work or outside. In her condition that was just too dangerous alone, she need her white stick


Finding herself back at the front of her apartment, she limped up the five steps while using the railing for support, reaching into her purse and getting her key. Opening the outer door, she entered the building and walked four steps to the inner door.


Feeling along the wall to her left, she ran her hand until she felt metal and her mailbox. Unlocking the box, she reached in and withdrew the envelopes and put them in her purse. Closing the mailbox, she entered the inner door and then the door to her apartment.


Entering her home, she was in her world where she could do anything she wanted. She grabbed her underarm crutches resting against the wall always at the same place and she slowly made her to the table, where she dropped her purse.


Standing on her crutches with her right leg bent to keep the cast off the floor she realized again how much she loved to play with her crutches. She made her way on crutches to her bedroom and she sat on the bed resting her crutches beside the bed.


She removed her left sandal. Standing on her right foot, she raised her dress up over her head and placed it on the bed. Unhooking her bra, she threw her shoulders forward and let it fall down her arms into her hands.

Placing the bra on top of the dress, she then rubbed with her right hand her cast and with her left her sweaty breast. She’s a natural 36C, she has felt the swells of her breast on plenty of occasions, as she masturbated regularly.


She loved to pretend injuries so much while masturbating.


Melanie removed her panties and placed them with her other clothing, then she crawled on the floor. Both hand grabbed her cast.


“Oh god my…


Part 3 to come





“A different type of cast lover”


Part 1


She loved life and the sound of her walking stick, as it felt her way along the office. The stick reminds her of a cane and so much more. She remembers her boyfriend at the time yelling to her.


“Melanie watch out…” and bang the impact was so hard and on her side that her face hit the window. At the same moment glass shattered in her face and she’s been blind ever since that car rides when she was 16.


So strange how life twist and turn. 2 days later her boyfriend was going to apply a cast on her leg again for the weekend. She was a real caster. Interested in everything related to crutches, sprain and cast. She was looking so much forward to be on crutches again with a recreational cast.


2 days later instead of being on crutches, she was totally blind and her boyfriend left her a few weeks later.


Over the years, Melanie became a confident, sexy, very efficient and organized woman that learned to live and sometime use her disability to her advantage.


Her blindness wasn’t the end of her life. She was still the very attractive and happy woman.


She was back in her office when she realized that it was time for some excitement in her life.  Melanie was standing tall on her 4 inch stilettos pump and she realized she'd been turning the heel of her sexy shoe as she sat, lost in thought. Though she was impeccably well-balanced, she knew how dangerous her heels were, theoretically.


She stands back up and rolled her pump slightly again and then:


“OK Melanie it’s time for a controlled accident” She said while letting her weigh crashed on her twisted ankle and she felt on the floor with both hands holding on to her injured ankle.


Gina came running into her boss office only to find Melanie on the floor.


“Dear god what happened to you? Are you ok?” She said


“No, I think I sprained my ankle, can you get James I need some help please”


“Sure hold on I will be right back”




“Melanie!” he called, climbing up the stairs two at a time. He found her on the floor in her office, massaging her ankle and cursing it at the same time.


“Are you ok? What happened? I told you these heels were crazy for a bl..”


“Oh God James please don’t tell me that you were going to say a blind woman…Look at these legs…are they not sexy?” She stretches her left leg while her right ankle was killing her.


They were more than sexy they were in perfect shape from exercising every night.


“I’m sorry that’s not what I met” He said looking at her long leg and her injured ankle.


She was going to protest. He could see it in her face. Instead, she sighed.


“I don't think I should walk on it, can you help this injured blind and helpless woman” She said laughing at him and smiling.


“I agree miss with the blind and injured but helpless…you” Melanie's ankles were tiny and normally sexy as hell, but one was already swelling and starting to change color.


“Cute,” she said, rolling her eyes. He smiled at her.


“So, at least, I get to have you in my arms,” he teased as he picked her up.


“Let’s get you to the hospital for X’rays.”


“Really James, I'm sure it's just a sprain,” Melanie protested,


She continued to protest the entire way to the car, even as he settled her in the back. Keeping her ankle elevated, he made her as comfortable as he could.


“What actually happened Melanie, how did you fall?” He could see her ankle hurt, from the size and the pain on her face. He would be lying right here and now if he didn’t say that she looked so dam sexy with just one high heel on.


“I—I lost my balance while checking my mail in my office.”








The doctor's words shattered her world.



Part 2 to come






It’s Graduation Time




“Don’t be sorry dear” he whispered in my ear. “I’m sorry. It’s just that . . . I’m not married, I’m single” He pulled away and looked at me.


“I’ve wanted you for so long and then bang you walk in my class wearing tight shorts, incredible sexy tight fitting blouse and this cast. You have no idea how I felt that day”


I laced my fingers through his and kissed the back of his hand. “I have wanted you for a long time, too. I can’t believe I’m actually here.”


He pulled me close again and held me. “I don’t want to rush you.” He stroked my cheek and rocked me.


My hand moved to the bulge in his pants. I rubbed it slowly.


“Just go slow with me,” I told him. “I want to make love to you and enjoy every second of it like it’s the last time.”


He groaned as I unzipped his pants and reached in his shorts. “Oh god I hope you are not mad that I’m so turned on by your broken leg and by your sexy body” he gasped.


“Not at all…Do I look mad?” I said


I looked at him lying on the couch naked from the waist down. He was incredible. His cock was so hard and I could barely get my hand around it. I wanted him inside me so bad


As I licked his cock he ran his hands up under my dress. He found the edge of my panties and slipped his hand inside. His fingers played with the lips of my slit and it was my turn to moan.


“Do you like that Emma? I wish I could have done that to you when you were on the table wile the doctor applied the cast on your leg to help you forget about the pain.” he asked as his fingers slid inside me.


“Oh god, you have no idea how much I would have loved that” I gasped.


He lifted my face from his cock and stood up. “Come upstairs with me. I want to make love to you in my bed.”


He helped me up on my right leg.  It was wobbly from all that excitement so he picked me up in his arms. He laid me on the bed and pulled his shirt over his head. He was now completely naked in front of me. His cock standing straight out from his well-muscled body.


“It just doesn’t seem fair,” he said. “I don’t have any clothes on but you do.”


He pulled my dress up and wrapped his fingers around my panties, brushing against my clit in the process. Slowly he removed my panties sliding them slowly along my long green cast.


He stuck his head under my dress and I could feel his breath on my thigh. I squirmed as his tongue made contact with my pussy. His tongue teased my clit and then he plunged it deep inside me.


My back arched and pushed his face deeper. I started moving in time with his tongue. A feeling so intense was building inside me I thought I would stop breathing. I wrapped my right leg around his head as the first orgasm washed over me.


His face emerged from under my dress. He licked his lips and smiled at me while

I tried to catch my breath. He kissed me and whispered,


“Help me with your dress.”


“Sure help me up please” I asked him


While standing up on my right foot, he unbuttoned my dress. He kissed my shoulders as he pulled the dress off. Then he kissed my neck and down my spine causing my back to arch again. He undid the clasp on my bra and let it fall forward.


“I started to dance on one leg while rubbing my breast sensually with my broken leg just following my moves” Do you like I asked


He came forward and kissed my neck. “Mmmmm, you are so hot” he whispered.


He laid me down on the bed again always so careful with my cast. He sat back and looked at me.


“Wow,” he said finally. “You’re even more beautiful than I imagined.”


I blushed, wondering if he had been dreaming of me as much as I had been dreaming of him.


He snuggled next to me, his cock resting on my thigh, and kissed me again. His tongue explored my mouth while his hands explored my body. Rubbing my cast like he wanted to get under it to rub my broken leg.


I broke the kiss this time and began to kiss his neck and chest. He rolled onto his back, the wonderful cock standing straight up now. I kissed the tip of his penis and licked down the shaft. I buried my face in his balls and took in their musky scent.


He grabbed my ass and thrust his finger in and out of my pussy. I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on him and he moaned.


“Oh god, I want to be inside you,” he panted. “I’m going to cum. You’re making

me cum.”


I slowed down so that he wouldn’t cum right away. His cock throbbed felt so good inside my mouth.


He pulled me down and kissed me.


“I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad I wasn’t misreading you.” He was still breathing heavy.


“I was so worried you were going to think I was crazy because of the way I felt about your crutches and cast. Waiting for you like that. Bringing you flowers. And then kissing you.”


I stroked his hair.


“It was a big risk,” I agreed. “But I’m glad you did it.” I kissed him and held his stiffening cock. “I’m so glad you did it.” I straddled him with my broken leg on his shoulders.


“Wait. Don’t hurt yourself Emma” he said.


“I need to feel you inside me now” I assured him. I guided him into me.


“I’ll go slow.” I lowered myself carefully onto him. “Feels so nice,” I gasped as his cock inched into me.


He pushed up slightly as I moved down. Soon his entire member was inside me.


I moved slowly up and down and felt his body tense under me.


“Oooohhhhh,” he gasped. “You’re so tight. You’re strangling my cock.”


Suddenly my pussy tightened even more around him and I reached my second orgasm.  I collapsed onto him and he kissed me. “Wow,” I breathed into his ear.


He began moving slowly into me. I rose up on my arms and met his movements. His hands were on my large breasts. He pinched each nipple softly. I watched his face as it contorted. “Emma!” he screamed. “I’m cumming!”


His cock throbbed inside me and I moved faster. My own orgasm came just as his

was ending. My muscles gripping his softening penis.


We fell asleep with him still inside me. When I woke up I wondered if my friends were having a good time at the party. I was having the best time of my life.


A moment that I would cherish for the rest of my life.



The end





It’s Graduation Time


Part 2



I was starting to think that maybe he felt the same about cast and crutches that I did.


Could that be possible? Maybe he was one of the men I chat with about the pleasure of being in a cast with crutches.


One never knows.


It was the last full day of class so we weren’t doing any work in the class. We were given free time to study for our finals. I, of course, couldn’t think about my finals. I was sitting in a classroom only fifteen feet from him with my broken leg up on a chair feeling so desirable right at that moment.


When the bell rang he came to me and helped me up on my good leg. I knew I wouldn’t see him again after this. I would graduate; my broken leg would heal and I would go on.


What a shame…we could have been so good together….Stop that Emma, who are you kidding.


He would stay here at school and forget about you in a second.


I couldn’t look at him as I walked out of the room but I could feel him staring at my ass, my breast, my leg supporting me and my cast that followed the contour of my long leg so perfectly.


“Good luck on your finals and hope that sexy leg of yours doesn’t heal too fast Miss Newman,” he said. I could only smile and blush.


Did he really say doesn’t? He was really into it and I needed to go to the washroom and release some of the pressure building between my legs.




I work at clothing store for man part-time, I’m a cashier. He came to my cash and paid for a pair of pants and shirts. I saw him stare at my crutches that were leaning against the wall behind me.


“Cheer up Miss Newman,” he told me. “Tomorrow night’s graduation.” Then he gave me that amazing smile again. “You will look fantastic on your crutches and that leg cast makes you look even sexier. But I don’t have to tell you that.”


To tell you the truth I wasn’t thinking about my graduation. I had him on my mind and somehow was hopping to see him there or for him to see me. My dress was a perfect match to my cast.


I looked and felt amazingly sexy. Firm body, full breast rubbing against my crutches.


When they announced my name I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Maybe in the back of my mind I had tried to fail so I could stay another year here with him.

I shook my head. I walk forward on my crutches and 4 inch heel on my good foot trying not to fall and break something else.


You heard him; I looked even sexier with a cast. I don’t I looked totally hot and sensual.


After graduation I met my parents for the obligatory pictures with the graduate. They wanted me to leave the crutches aside but I wanted them in the picture and I made sure that my cast was also visible.


That was so important to me.


I was meeting friends at a party so I dropped off my cap and gown on the way to my parent’s car. Several people beeped their horns and waved at me. We were probably all headed to the same parties.


I walked around a van on my crutches and saw him leaning against my parent’s car waiting for me. He pulled some flowers from behind his back. He kissed me lightly on the cheek.


“Congratulations,” he said softly. “You’re a graduate and you look amazing in that dress Emma.”


I was so completely flustered by his kiss and the fact that he called me Emma.


“Thank you, I’m surprise you came”


“And, if I’m not mistaken, happy birthday.”


I managed to say thank you again.


“You’re now completely legal and you are turning me on so much” he added. With that he took my crutches and pulled me closer. My cast was rubbing against his leg while I was standing on my stiletto heel.


“And this won’t be a teacher-student relationship.” He kissed me passionately.


I collapsed in his arms and held him. His muscles rippled under his shirt as he rubbed my back.


“I’d like to take you home with me if that’s okay,” he said.


“Sure I would love that. Can you grab my crutches please, I don’t want to fall and break my other leg” I said smiling at him


He held me close to him during the ride to his house. His cologne was intoxicating. He stroked my cast time and time again as I snuggled next to him. Who would have

thought that I would spend graduation night, or any night for that matter,  with this wonderful man while in this full leg cast?


I confess. I knew where his house was. I had driven by it six or seven hundred times in the past few months. If he ever knew he didn’t give any indication.


When he closed the door, I dropped my crutches and he held me in his arms and kissed me. A long sensual kiss that seemed to last forever. Then he led me to the couch.


“Promise me you’ll tell me if I’m moving too fast for you.”


My body was ready to jump out of its skin. My leg was so sore after such a busy day but it didn’t matter at all. Everything was tingling at his touch.


“I will,” I gasped.


His tongue parted my lips and made slow circles in my mouth. His hands rubbed my

shoulders and ran down to my thighs until he started to play with my broken leg.


“You have no idea Emma how much I wanted to rub your cast and kiss you all over when you came to my class with these tight fitting shorts and braless”


I ran my fingers through his thick hair. I had never kissed anyone like this before. He broke the kiss and started nibbling my neck. My body arched involuntarily pushing me closer to him.


I gasped for air, “Mr. . .”


“Dylan,” he breathed. “Dylan.”


I could feel the bulge in his pants. “Dylan, I’ve never been with a married man before and I’m sorry but I don’t think I can.”


“Don’t be sorry dear” he whispered in my ear. “I’m sorry. It’s just that . . .


Conclusion to come







It’s Graduation Time


This story is for a young woman that emailed me a special request. She broke her leg 2 weeks ago and has a very vivid imagination. She gave me the storyline and I wrote. You know me…I just added some details to please and tease.


Hope you like your story Emma



Part 1


I know he watched me as I walked by on my crutches because of my broken leg. I could feel his eyes burning into my green full leg cast and strong right leg. Ever since breaking my leg during my motorcycle accident he’s been staring and watching me around the campus on my crutches.


He sometime follows me like a stalker or a sexual voyeur and I love it.


When third period rolled around I was in a panic. My stomach would churn and my crotch would tingle just knowing that I would be in the same room with him for forty-five minutes.


I made sure that he saw me from the front.


I made sure he saw my long right leg and my cast protecting my broken left leg


But he was my teacher and I was stuck with this broken leg for the next 8 weeks for God’s sake!


How could he really be interested?


How can I describe him? He was about six feet tall. The perfect height. He was about twenty-nine. His eyes were blue. His hair was dark brown and wavy. He was the football coach of our school and when he was in that uniform. . . .


God I wanted him so bad! But he was my teacher and he was a married man.


Third period. Debate class.


“Should we have a special permit to drive those incredibly fast motorcycles” he announced one day.


“The pro side will argue that most motorcycle accidents are when using this “bombs”. The con side will argue that you have passed the proper test, you have a drivers licence so it’s a right.”


He divided the room in half. “Pro side first. Any volunteers?”


The debate went on and on. I couldn’t concentrate on the argument. My leg was aching today and when it did I would often help with the pain by sliding my hand between my legs.


I heard only the sound of his voice but not what he was saying...


“Miss Newman,” he said again.


I stood up quickly while leaning on one crutch.


“Oh Miss Newman you don’t need to stand while you have a broken leg, we will make an exception” He said smiling at me.


“No sir it’s only a cast…I’m not the first debater to break a leg” I said smiling


“OK then what do you think of Mr. Waters’ argument that you should need special training to drive these very powerful motorcycle? After all you did break your leg on one of them if I’m not mistaken right?” he asked leaning slightly on my desk and looking at the cast that covered my whole leg.


I broke my left fibula and tibia when I felt being a passenger on a bike.


Did he know what he was doing to me being that close? How could I possibly respond with him standing just inches away? I could smell his cologne.


“Are you eighteen, Miss Newman?” he asked.


“N-no,” I stammered. “Not until graduation day but what does have to do with the argument. I didn’t break my leg because I was 17. I was the passenger of a small motorbike and my friend lost control. The bike felt on my leg breaking both bones on impact”


He thought for a moment. “So in roughly two weeks you’ll be eighteen. Do you think you would make the same decision about riding on the bike?”


“What! I needed a ride back to my apartment. Age had nothing to do with it Sir” I said.


He touched my arm slightly. I hoped he couldn’t feel the shivers going through

my body. His hand lingered on my arm.


“Anyone care to help Miss Newman out while she sits and rest her badly broken leg?” He smiled at me and after sitting down he took my cast and put it on the chair in front of me. His fingers rubbing my toes for just a second but that was enough.


I was frozen for the rest of the class. I couldn’t move. I could still feel his hand on my arm, his eyes on my leg and his fingers touching my toes. He seems fascinated with my broken leg just like I was.


I have to be honest with you. For some years I’ve been fantasizing about being in a leg cast and crutches. I’ve watch videos, read stories and played with crutches but nothing comes close to what I’m feeling right now.


Masturbating at night with my broken leg trapped inside this green cast is totally amazing and so so erotic. That’s the best I can do right now since I have no boyfriend to take care of my sexual needs




As I made my way to the bus stop on my crutches I went past the football field and I saw him talking to the opposing coach. His tight pants over his muscular legs and butt. He looked in my direction but I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me.


I saw him walking down the hall a few days later. He had a walk that screamed

confidence but not arrogance. He stopped to talk to someone and caught me looking at him. He smiled and I gave him my best smile while moving slowly on my crutches. I wanted to give him the best show of my full leg cast and tight ass.


I couldn’t wait for his class.


“Good afternoon, Miss Newman how’s the leg today” he smiled as I went by on my crutches


“Its better Sir, the pain is under control, now I just have to get used to the cast and crutches” I said smiling at him with my leg crossed like I wanted to protect something.


“Oh I saw you yesterday miss and let me tell you that you control those crutches with perfection and your cast looks great”


I felt my face turn red. If he only knew what he was doing to me and how I felt about my broken leg. I was starting to think that maybe…


Part 2 to come

Voyeur? Maybe not…




She might never know it, but this excursion will be a date in the recesses of my brain, something to hold me over during the endless nights when I sleep alone, dreaming of her sitting inches from me with her cast looking even better.


We are on the highway; I catch a movement from her out of the corner of my eye. She had to shift her seat back as far as it will go to slide in her long cast almost totally straight.


Her sunglasses are slightly purple. But what catches my attention so thoroughly that I almost steer us into the wrong lane is the idle movement of her fingers on her cast, tracing circles and mindless pattern.


She sighs softly, a faint sound accompanying the release of air. I force my eyes back to the road, grateful that at 8 am in the middle of nowhere, we are relatively alone.


“Do you like to watch me on crutches?” she asks.


God she knows


Her voice is low and sultry, and I am as badly startled by its sensual sound as by her words. I flick my gaze over to her, my own eyes hidden behind dark lenses. She is fingering the wine-colored silk of her shirt with the hand that is not busy inscribing secret messages on her broken leg.


I clear my throat.


“I’m sorry for the pain you had to endure Olivia but you look amazing in this cast while moving around on crutches” I said.


“I think I agree with you. Not at first but with time it feels like bondage of some kind…I feel so turned on when you look at me”


We drive in silence for a minute or two, and then peripheral movement distracts me once more. I almost slam on the brakes. She has unbuttoned the blouse over her pale skin and what I can now see is push up bra.


Her fingers are trailing over her broken leg, and she is smiling softly as she stares out through the windshield, as if this undressing beside me is the most ordinary thing in the world.


“What are you doing?” I choke out, dragging my eyes back to the road. Still empty. She laughs lightly.


“Letting you watch,” she purrs, and my penis is fully erected.


“It’s what you like to do, isn’t it? Watch poor woman on crutches looking sexy with a broken leg”


I hear the snick of a clasp being undone, and then the rasp of a zipper. My breath is caught in my throat. I cannot drive and let her do—whatever it is she is planning to do.


I will lose my mind. With an abrupt wrench of the wheel, I jerk the JEEP over to the side of the road and throw it into park, my hands trembling on the steering wheel.


I slowly turn to Olivia and oh god she does the same thing, resting her long cast on my lap.


She has one hand between her legs, moving. Her hips are rocking slightly, however, and it is no mystery to me what she is doing. Her other hand is teasing one nipple over the lace of her bra, and her lips are parted, releasing soft pants into the hot air.


Her sunglasses still hide her eyes enough that I cannot read their expression, but they are not turned to me anyway. They are still staring out through the glass of the

windshield, taking in the desert landscape as she pleasures herself beside me in

my car.


I want to reach for her, to replace her hands with my own, but I am paralyzed as I watch her, her broken leg, her hips arching higher off the seat as she moans softly, her fingers pulling down the lace of her bra over one perfect breast to reveal it to me, and to her restless hand.


My mouth is dry, my eyes tight, and my body painfully aroused. I’m sure you would feel the same.


I know that I should start driving again, that I should stop her with a sharp command, but the battle between what I should do and what I want to do leaves me effectively helpless.


I take her cast in my hand and start licking her toes, matching her speed.


I watch Olivia as her back arches, and I know she is very close. I move at last, reaching over to pluck her sunglasses from her face and toss them to the floor, to turn her face towards mine with firm fingers under her chin. She opens her eyes, and their darkness collides with my gaze just as she climaxes, a long moan escaping her mouth.


I watch Olivia cum.


When she comes down, when her mindless sounds quiet, she gently pulls away from the hand I still have beneath her jaw, to hold her stare to my own. She has not removed her cast from my lap.


She has merely noticed my voyeurism and forced it to the next level, taking all the power with her and leaving me with none.


I realize I am shaking. She calmly zips up her skirt up, tugs her bra up over her breasts, re-buttons her shirt.


She looks faintly flushed, incandescent, and not the least bit ashamed and should she…I’m the one that started all this.


“God, I’m starved,” she says in a faintly throaty voice.


“How about we go for breakfast and you tell me all about your fascination into my broken leg?”


Taking my cue, I throw the JEEP into drive and pull back out onto the highway, trying to ignore the throbbing of my body insisting that I take her home instead of to breakfast.


“My place in 15 minutes,” I tell her quietly, even though it will be another thirty minutes. She nods, content with my answer, and leans her head back and closes her eyes, her breath slowing and easing.


Within moments, she is asleep. From the corner of my eyes, I watch her sleep, her chest rising and falling evenly, her hands resting limply by her sides, one strand of hair drifting down over her cheek.


I slide my hand over her cast again. This is perfect.


She is beautiful. I continue to drive.


The end





Voyeur? Maybe not…


Part 2


While I was penetrating my girlfriend in my mind I wanted to press Olivia up against a wall and see if her skin tastes as delicious as it smells. I wanted to feel her cast against my leg while she squeezed her crutches from the excitement


Don’t be too quick to judge, if you were in my position you would probably react the same way…maybe worse.


Every once in a while, I see her and she burns a souvenir for life in my mind: she is striding on her crutches across the parking lot wearing a summer dress. She is so hot that her dress is clinging slightly to her breast. Sandal on her left foot reveals a small tattoo over the front of her left leg, just above her foot.


She’s sweaty and very delicious


My brain wanders briefly again to the lovely and warming thought of running the tip of my tongue over every delicate toes at the end of her cast.


Now my mind is going at full speed. I knew if I came out in the open to discuss this that I was going to be dreaming non stop of Olivia.


She’s sitting at her desk with her leg on the chair beside her. She stretches up to get a binder from a shelf. She’s trying so hard not to get up and have to move her broken leg.  By doing so the thin strap of her tank top slides down one perfect shoulder to loop around a defined upper arm. All that crutching is doing wonder to her arms.


I have an unobstructed line of freckled flesh from her neck to the edge of her collarbone. I imagine her broken leg on my shoulder while pressing my lips to every inch of that skin until she tells me to do it. Moaning, feeling like the sexy woman she is with her green cast up in the air…





The last few days, she didn’t say anything about her boyfriend and I noticed in the morning that she’s coming to work in a taxi. I can easily imagine, poor Olivia all alone in her backyard, lying on her back on a lay down garden chair. I can see her long cast, flat abdomen and small but perfect breasts covered by navy cotton.


The zipper on her skirt is down just far enough that I know she has nothing on beneath it. Not unusual for a woman to masturbate, but I cannot erase the image of her left hand sliding inside her skirt playing with her clit until she came quietly, while her right hand is rubbing her cast.


Evidence that her cast was more than a protector to her broken leg.


This is how I know that watching Olivia and her broken leg has changed me forever. But what does she think of me? Better to let her think of me as the slightly older man that’s always there to help her at office.


Yet somehow, because of her accident and the last few weeks, I was certain that I was looking for more.


Was she?


I’m not considering dating, I’m fully aware that our difference in age would not allow that. But over the last few weeks, now that she is a pro on her crutches, I began to realize that she was always coming to me with questions.


She was making her way to my office on her crutches to present her latest findings since we shared the same field of expertise. She would rest her crutches against the wall and hop to the chair in front of my desk making sure that I had a perfect view of her long leg cast.


We would look at her document and there would be an accidental brush of her finger against my wrist. Her eyes would fix on mine while standing on her crutches and getting ready to leave my office. The world would stop for these 30 seconds.


But for every moment I was made sexually aware of her presence, there was a

corresponding ache at the realization of her absence. When she took the day off last Thursday, I wanted to call her at home to make sure that she was ok.


Ni my mind at least when she was at the office and I could see her sit at her desk there was an opportunity to kiss her, touch her, and to take her in my arms while being overcall careful not to hit her broken leg against anything.


Watching Olivia had changed me. Will I feel the same when she’s out of the cast, still on crutches or limping around the office on her long legs with a cane for support?


I have this imagine in my mind…I’m sure you also have imagines…






There are events in your life that affects you forever. Today, I know she knows that I’m watching her, and I’ve decided not to care. I wanted her to know.


We are in the cafeteria of our building; I’m standing in line to pay when I see her sitting with friends at a table nearby. Her crutches are right beside her and I can tell that she could be looking at her friends talking, but instead her eyes are on me, where I am standing in line.


God this is like a turn of the table, I can almost feel the trail of her eyes burning into my skin… I wonder if she wonders if I’m married or have a girlfriend.


The sensation of her eyes on me is too much to resist, I smile at her and return a stare. She is especially lovely today; the rich purple of her silk blouse, a short business like short black skirt gives me a good view of her long legs.


The long and heavy cast compliment to the perfection her strong and sexy left leg.


She lifts one hand and slides it all over the top portion of her cast, and I realize we have been standing here for well over a minute without moving, simply looking at each other.


She smiles at me and grabs her crutches. I drop my plate, pay for the breakfast and decide to follow her.


She does not bother to hide the pleasure on her face when she sees me following her. Between the movement of her hip and her green cast I’m totally out of control and not sure where this is all going.


How can I be following this young woman in the parking lot?


Worse she slowly makes her on her crutches to my Jeep and there she is standing at the passenger door With my help she slides into the passenger side and I put her crutches in the back.


I climb in beside her, turning the key in the engine, turning my face to her. She is studying me openly, and her dark eyes look mischievous, secretive, and slightly haunted.


I’m trying so hard not to stare at her anywhere else then her eyes.


“Where to?” I ask, she smiles.


“Anywhere,” she replies, and I shift the car into gear and drive.



Conclusion to come





Voyeur? Maybe not…



Part 1


I don’t consider myself a voyeur. Do you?


“A voyeur is someone who watches other people (generally hiding to do so) in order to get sexual pleasure.”


For one thing I don’t hide when I watch people totally the opposite I want to talk to them and understand the reason they are on crutches, in a wheelchair or in a cast. Second I don’t get sexual pleasure…At least not all the time.


I’m curious about the 5 W when I see a lovely lady on crutches with a cast.


I was working at my desk when I heard the yelling coming from the stairs…


“Oh god my leggggg” She yelled


“I think I broke my leg…” She said slowly regaining control.


I ran to the stairs and saw Olivia on the floor with her best friend beside her. From what I could see she broke one of her high heel and missed a step.


“Somebody help! Call an Ambulance!” I took out my cell and called 911.


“I just did; help is on its way Olivia, don’t move” I said


Looking at Olivia, it was obvious that her right leg was broken. No bones through but in 2 areas I could see the broken bones.




I was right, the next morning she was back to work, wearing a summer dress. This time there was no running down some stairs, she was walking steadily on her crutches with her right leg in a full dark green coloured cast. Her cast is slightly bent at the knee.


This was the beginning of something very special for me.


Sometimes I wonder if she notices me watching her. I can’t really help it, when she moves around in the office on her crutches she’s very addictive to look at. The way her cast just float off the floor when she is on her crutches. Almost telling me:


“Go ahead look at my broken leg”


She seems to always be captured unconsciously striking a pose that cries out for further appreciation on my part. It can be the way she leans on her crutches or the way she rest her cast on her left foot or when her broken leg is resting on a chair beside her and I can see her delicate and long toes at the end of the cast.


Just beautiful.


Just beautiful also the way the doctor took the time to carefully wrap each layers of her cast around her long leg. From mid foot to way past her knee, the cast is perfect on her leg.


I could easily imagine her kissing her boyfriend standing on her crutches or at the dinner table or anywhere else in her apartment, sometime using her crutches and other time just hopping around the rooms on her good leg.


Her hair and eyes are brown.  Her lips are appealing without the aid of cosmetics.


I try so hard to be professional and focus on her beautiful face but since her accident you will understand that it is much harder


There are days when she makes it impossible. Two weeks ago for example, I see her coming my way on her crutches. She’s wearing a short skirt, tight blouse and black pantyhose on her left leg. Just like this was not enough, she was wearing a black pump on her left foot.


With her black glasses she looked so professional and sexy in that outfit while on crutches.


Her long cast coming directly for me. She smiles at me. Her nipples bursting through her brassiere from the air conditioning being too low in the office. She stops at John’s desk and stand there on her crutches talking about her accident.


Teasing with her left leg as she tightens all the muscles in her leg and then releases them.


God she has beautiful legs. Both of them are equality sexy for different reasons.


It is so exciting to see her looking in total control of the whole room and yet she’s the one with the broken leg. In her case I can honestly say that her cast and crutches are a great addition to her sex appeal to me and to most of the people seeing her like that.


She seems to love it. It took her no time to see the positive side of her accident and good for her.


Tease away my little princess.




The nest day was Friday and she came in wearing jeans. Black jeans with a slit on the side to allow space for her long cast. She used small Velcro strips to keep the black jeans wrapped around her long cast.


She looks so good in black.


Last night while making love to my girlfriend, I picture Olivia in my mind wearing a stiletto heel on her left foot. Black fuck me heel with straps lacing from her slender ankles all the way up her calves, and I would be lying if I said the image was unpleasant specially in contrast to her right foot wearing lawyers upon lawyers of green fibber.


While I was penetrating my girlfriend in my mind I wanted…


Part 2 to come




Very Special Moment





I closed my eyes and my breaths starting getting deeper as she ran her fingers over my pussy.


She moaned at its wetness and pulled my nylons off as well as my panties, slowly down my cast. She ran her hands over my broken leg again. I could tell she loved the feeling of the cast under her fingers.


“Yes, I knew it was true. Such beautiful legs. I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you look so sexy limping around with this walking cast” She said


“Thank you, I don’t feel sexy but right now I’m really hot” I replied now very curious and turned on.


She spread my legs a little and she kneeled on the bed, moving between them. I opened my eyes, she was looking at me. I smiled.


I lay down again, feeling her legs against mine. She leaned over, planting kisses on my neck.


“Did you scream like you did in the bathroom when you broke your leg? Did you crawl for help?” she whispered in my ear.


“Yessssssss I did, it was very painful, I had multiple fractures.” I replied.


She stood up and I heard her unzipping her dress. I looked up, her dress was falling to the floor.


She was indeed naked underneath. She lay on her side, next to me on the bed with her hand on my cast.


Tan all over; her skin was smooth as silk as I ran my hand over her long legs.


“God you don’t know how much I envy you. You are so beautiful walking around on your walking cast while leaning on your cane for support”


She started sucking on my nipple. I moaned, such pleasure I haven’t felt in so long.


Her fingers tracing over my stomach, teasingly going lower and lower to my pussy. She stretch and pick up my cane off the floor. She was rubbing herself with it until…


Her finger touched my red hot clit and I nearly came. I moaned loudly and she began to nibble my breast, tremors running through my body. I ran my hand over her back, so smooth and soft... pure silk.


Her lips moved lower, to my stomach. She slid two fingers in me, my muscles tightening around them.


I felt her mouth on my pussy as her fingers spread my swollen lips. I spread my legs more as I climaxed again, her tongue flicking my clit incessantly.


“You have perfect legs” I said moaning to her


I ran my finger over her pink clit and for the first time she stopped, moaning with my touch. I rubbed harder, her moans continuing.


I rub faster and faster, her ass moving in rhythm with my caresses until I stopped and looked at her moan. I took her right ankle in my hands, the same ankle that she broke last year and started to twist it.


It was like her ligaments were non existent, in seconds her ankle started to swallow from the pressure.


“How does it feel? Imagine you just broke your ankle again and you can’t walk on it at all” I asked but I could tell that she was so turned on and really sore.


“This feels so good dear” She replied while holding on to her sprained ankle.


Hungrily, I sucked her clit. Her juices were a sweet, hot sensation. I was relentless: sucking and nibbling and licking.


“I can imagine the pain you felt breaking your ankle last year. What a shame to damager legs like yours” I said


She came, screaming and arching her back. I was hotter than ever and I flicked my tongue in her hole, juices still flowing out.


Her cries were getting louder. I felt her muscles tighten around my tongue as she came again.


I couldn't take it anymore and I moved my hand to my own pussy. I was so wet and hot. Fingering my clit wildly, I kept teasing her clit with my other hand.


I came again, screaming ecstatically.


I finally lay back on the bed, spent. She moved off the bed to her dress while standing on her left leg only. Her ankle was defiantly sprained and there was no way she was going to be able to walk on it. She reached for her crutches.


 I closed my eyes, breathing hard. I never heard the door close, and I never learned her name.


Who was that special woman so interested in my broken leg and ankle??????


The end






Very Special Moment


Part 2


I was about to close the door again when I saw her, smiling and coming straight for me. Before I could close the door, she was there.


“Are you alright? I saw you with a real bad limp. I have crutches from the time I broke my right ankle last year, would you like me to get them for you?” she asked.


I cleared my throat and managed, “No its ok I’m fine, my ankle is still a bit sore but thanks.”


“I walked by once also to go to the wine cellar and heard moaning.” She was staring at my leg with penetrating eyes.


I could feel my face redden. “Oh, my dress got stuck,” I covered.


I turned for her to see and I felt her hands run down my back. “I can fix that, come with me.”


She turned around and we went further down the hall. I felt so hot leaning more and more on my cane limping around behind her.


“Here, you can cover up with this,” she said as she handed me a robe. “It will be easier to fix if you aren't in the dress.”


She turned around and I picked the robe up off the bed. She sat in a reading chair and looked out the window, her back to me.


I pulled the dress off over my head and laid it on the bed. In just my nylons, walking cast and panties, I tugged the robe tight around me and said, “Ok.”


She got up and came to get the dress. “Have a seat and rest that broken leg of yours,” she said and motioned to the bed.


“Thanks,” I said as I sat down on the edge and position my cane on the floor.


As she worked, I began to relax and pushed myself further on the mattress and I laid back. She had the perfect view of my long cast and I saw her looking at it.


I didn't hear her stand up. “With legs like that, you don't even need nylons on your good leg my dear.”


She broke my reverie and I looked up at her. Her eyes were examining my legs again. She really was into legs, I could tell


“Thank you,” I said, blushing.


“You look so cute when you blush” she said with a smile.


I could only blush more, unsure of where she wanted to go with this.


“Would you blush if rubbed your touched your cast?” she asked.


“Probably,” I told her. She moved closer and slowly slid her fingers all over my broken leg and then between my legs.


“What are you doing?”


“I just want you to feel comfortable dear. How does it feel to wear this long leg cast? I was only in a short cast up to my knee?” She said


I didn’t know where all this was going. I was so wet and confuse. She was so sexy and yet so strange.


“I never got a short cast; all my casts were non weight bearing so I had to use crutches before…Now I feel like a regular woman walking, limping and teasing”


I felt her fingertips on my toes at the end of the cast


“Please be careful not to start something that you don’t want to finish” I said


“Sure, but how do you know I don’t want to finish it?” She said walking to her closet and taking out a pair of crutches.


She looked so good standing there on her crutches with her right leg bent at the knee. I could only imagine how sexy she must have been in a cast. She joined me back on the bed leaving her crutches fall on the floor.


“I'm sure you have such smooth legs under these nylons.” Her eyes were on mine as she traced the waist of the nylons on my stomach with her hand.


I closed my eyes and my breaths starting getting deeper as she …


Conclusion to come




Very Special Moment


Part 1


Here I am finally walking on my left leg.


Well almost…


After 4 Months in non-weight bearing cast, now I was left with a full leg walking cast and a cane with my toes fully exposed with every step I took.


When Victor asked me to go out to this private house party I wasn’t sure. I was still limping quite a bit and kept going from crutches to cane.


Like the commercial say…3 operations, 4 different non weight-bearing casts, 2 boyfriends, a long and heavy walking cast and looking for love in all the wrong places.


I wasn’t exactly dating material.


I’m 33 years old with anterior and posterior ligaments torn in my ankle. I was told that I would limp and wear a brace for the rest of my life.


But eh I needed to get out. So I accepted Victor’s invitation after he told me that the party hostess asked for me specifically.




I saw her from across the room, greeting guests. Her intense blue eyes watched me as I watched her. I really don’t know her and I wonder why she asked for me. I wondered what she thought.


Victor, was guiding me to the bar and unaware of my wandering eye. I ordered a New Yorker and sipped it as we mingled with the rest of the guests. People were so curious about my injury. The sight of my broken leg attracted people to me


My eye caught her again, this woman in the black dress. Her back was toward me and I took the luxury of examining the curves of her hips and the tan of her back, bared by the tight back-less evening dress.


Victor kissed my cheek and patted my ass causing my eyes to leave her. I smiled at him and sipped more of my drink.


Victor said he had to use the restroom and took off in search of them. I turned around slowly leaning on the rubber heel of my cast and my cane. Looking at the other guests casually until my eyes came upon her again.


My pussy started to itch as I saw her, bent over with her ass to me, talking to someone sitting in a wheelchair. I couldn't stop watching, imaging me with my cane and my other hand pulling her dress up over her soft thighs as my fingers caressed her nipples.


It had been 6 months since the last time I was with another woman. I was in need and strange enough to limp around in this hard long cast was turning me on so much


I must have been staring because as she turned around and saw me, she looked up and down at my broken leg but her eyes stopped on my toes at the end of the cast.


She smiled seductively and walked away on her perfect legs, her sway exaggerated enticingly.


I finished my drink, grabbed my cane and made my way slowly to the bathrooms. I passed Victor on the way there and told him I had to use them now and I would find him later but he noticed that I was limping badly.


“Are you ok dear? Is your leg bothering you? Do you want me to get your crutches from the car?”


“I’m fine but thanks for asking” I said my leg was fine but my ankle wasn’t. Trying to walk normally with this long cast was impossible.


I threw open the door and limp to the sink. I smiled at myself in the mirror, remembering the way she stared at my injured leg thinking of the nasty things we could do to each other.


I could feel my pussy getting wetter and that only made me want her more. Her soft lips on my clit, her finger sliding in and out of my cunt. I felt my broken leg was tremble with the thought and I locked the door to the bathroom.


I took my right heel off and sat on the edge of the bathtub. I lifted up my dress, rested the cast on the toilet seat and spread my legs, rubbing my pussy. I could feel its wetness through my panties and nylons, getting wetter as I thought about licking her long legs.


My pussy lips were vibrating with pleasure and I screamed as my first orgasm hit. My injured ankle was sore as I came again, hot juices flowing from my cunt. I slowed my rubbing down and licked my lips, dry from my gasping breaths.


I sat there in ecstasy, catching my breath. Apparently no one heard my moaning

since there was no one knocking on the door. I hop to the sink giving a break to my broken leg and ankle, washed my hands, pulled my panties and nylons back on and stepped into my right heel.


I re-adjusted my dress and as I felt the cold air against my back I remembered that it was stuck half way down my back when the zipper got stuck.


I peaked out the door, looking for Victor but I didn't see him.


I was about to close the door when …


Part 2 to come

Natasha and the Cat and Mouse Game





“Hello Sir.” She tries to smile


“What’s wrong?”


“There we go, finally you ask. About damned time.”


Natasha settles herself at the head of the bed, leaning against the bedpost for support has she listens to him and nods.


He stares at her, standing on her left leg, hugging the post without her robe in a plain white t-shirt ,showing off her firm breast and hard nipples, that when standing barely hits the middle of her thighs.


“We need to talk Natasha”




“Sit down please rest your leg”


“The last couple of days have been, shall we say interesting between us.” He watches her, she always looks so desirable and sexy.


“Don’t you think?” He wants to see how she answers. She knows she’s just as confused as he is about their sudden displays of affection.


“What is the answer you’re looking for Sir?” Her tone has a bite to it,


“Do you want to play that Cat and Mouse game and never let me catch you?”


“What I want is for you to be honest, we are both enjoying the sexual tension of the last few days, even more since your accident?”


“I have Sir, can’t you tell how excited I was? I’m this pseudo sexy woman stuck in that huge and long cast Sir…not exactly something to attract men’s” Natasha isn’t sure how far she should go.


“Natasha, you are the sexiest woman I’ve even been with. The way you move on crutches is such a turn on. I was ready to make love to you in the stairs when you were down with your fractured leg”


She looks at him, her eyes darkening slightly, “Hm. Thank you Sir…I think”


That look, and those words are almost enough to make him groan, but he swallows it and hard.


He turns and pulls her broken leg towards him while shedding the robe as he does so.


“Why do I keep thinking this is a very bad idea?” He said looking at her with such a sensual look.


“Because it is Sir, I’m your secretary it can’t go anywhere.” And despite all her efforts, those words come out airy, husky and just short of a whisper as she watches his lips brushing her toes,




He stops and looks at her, it was the first time she called him Peter


“Yes my sexy broken goddess” He starts biting and licking her toes smiling.


“Don’t start something that you don’t plan to finish.” She said but she realized that she was loosing control.


“You’ve said that before.” He continues his attack to the toes of her broken leg


“You should go back to your own room. You don’t really want me” She said with her eyes close.


“Nah. Your bed is more comfortable than mine. Plus I want you Miss Natasha; I love to see you in needs and out of control”


“Good night Mr. Thomson.”


“Really, remember what I told you. I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do Natasha. Trust me.”


Slowly he climbed over her with her broken leg on his shoulder.


“Now, please take me now.” She shifted until he in the best possible position.


Her eyes flutter as she bites her lower lip a moment before feeling her orgasm building inside her.


“You know I’ve always had” Oh God she was moaning now.


“This fantasy of you fucking me…” Haaaaaaaaaaa


“Fucking me while I was crawling in the stairs pulling my broken leg like a crippled woman” She said seconds before the orgasm rippled through her body.


“My dear innocent Miss Natasha, did you just say the F word?” On that note he rises up picks her up and lay her down on the floor of her room.


She had no ideas where he was going with all this but she was so happy.


“As a matter of fact Miss Natasha I will” He said while holding on to her right hand. Sliding his fingers over her small wrist.


“I have this fantasy that you can’t use your crutches and you are crawling to me my dear because you just broke your arm” He says with a smile while he twisted her wrist and arm slightly.


“Peter my arm, you’re hurting me… Please” She moaned on the floor.


“You want me to stop Miss Natasha?” Peter asked while looking at this sexy woman on the floor.


“Tell me that you want me to stop and I will”


“No Sir please Mr Thomson, I need your help sir, I felt in my room and I can’t get up”


“I see” he said kissing the swelling showing off around her sprained wrist.


“Do it Sir” With those 2 little words Natasha imagined herself around the office with her right leg in a full cast and her right arm also in a cast supported by a sling around her neck.


At the same time Peter grabbed her arm with both hands and gave it a rough twist. The sound of her ulna breaking was so loud. At the same time from the pressure applied to her wrist she also broke her radius bone.


“Ohhhhhhhhhh god Sir I think you broke my arm…” she said holding on to her broken arm. Her eyes were closed but she had a devilish smile on her face that told the tale.



The end




Natasha and the Cat and Mouse Game


Part 4



She can tell by his size and he’s ever so close, closer then he’d like to be she’s all too sure.  The front of his pants begins to grow wet and she knows she’s won. She pulls away her cast and waits patiently as the cart comes to a complete stop before removing herself from it,


“Thank you for the wonderful tour Sir” She glances at Peter, a wicked grin playing her lips,


“Don’t you agree, Mr. Thomson?”


He glares at her through his sunglasses


“Yes. Yes it was.”


Thinking quickly he removes his suit jacket, holding it so it covers the front of his blue trousers perfectly, pausing briefly at her side,


“You will finish what you started Miss Natasha that I promise you”


And with that she walks away from him on her crutches, her toes still wet at the end of the cast.


Taking a deep breath inwards, he lets it out with his eyes on the prize. Those legs are driving him crazy.


Later on that evening, Natasha found herself sipping her glass of Chardonnay with her broken leg resting on a chair, it was pure heaven. After spending the day on crutches with high heel on her left leg she needed a break. Suddenly a familiar pair of lips brushed along the line of her neck, and briefly across the spot where it met her shoulder,


“I must say Miss Natasha; I rather enjoyed our little game of Cat and Mouse”


“I could tell how much you enjoyed it, Sir”


He looks at her and he couldn’t stop thinking how stunning she looked sitting there in her high heel, ponytail, glittering eyes while sporting a long blue cast on her right leg.


He feels the need to touch her, to hold her, to be… part of her. It drives him wild, ever since he saw her in bed at the hospital in need, he wanted to be there for her. She had been there constantly within his mind.


“Every time I get anywhere near you, within touching distance you pull away from me unless I take very drastic measures. At the same time I can feel how much you enjoy what I do to you”


She isn’t sure what to say or what not to say. She stands on her good leg and grabs her crutches.


“I should be going Sir” She starts moving towards the stairs swinging her broken leg between the crutches when ...


He steps closer, turning so he can trap her between his body and the railing.


“Sir not here people could see us”


Her eyes are startled, like a deer’s caught in headlights and he places either arm on the side of her, guaranteeing no escape. She stares bewildered at first and then her eyes narrow and her head slowly shakes,


“I’m calling it a night Sir.” She moves to shove passed one of his arms only to have that arm tighten and secure itself about her slender waist,


“Please Let. Me. Go.” She asked while squeezing her crutches a bit harder.


He leans forward, his lips inches from hers


“I’m so attracted to you Miss Natasha”


She knows damn well she’s playing with fire, she feels his breath glide along her cheek, her lips, her chin and then finally her neck as he allows himself a little nibble, a taste of her skin,


“Sir this is not the place, I think you should leave me alone.”


“That’s the thing Natasha, I can’t. I want you in ways I’ve never wanted any woman. The first day I saw you I wanted to be with you and now to see you on crutches with a full leg cast make you even more desirable”


He steps up behind her, pinning her once again in place. He ran his lips across her neck.


“Sir, I will see you in the morning, good night.”


He stands there a moment and then turns and watches her glide towards the stairs that will take her into her room for the night. He watches her step by step up the stairs on her crutches.




“Wow, Fuck it.” He starts running towards the stairs after her. A gasp of surprise leaves her lips as she feels being swept literally out from under her, she looks to him before his lips comes crashing, bruising against hers while she struggles to hold on to her crutches.


He open the door to her room and then carefully drops her on the bed while being extra gentle to her broken leg. He then closes the door and locks it before returning back to her. She’s ripping her clothes off, totally naked except for the blue cast when…



“Peter, Peter wake up…”


His name caused him to instantly snap up out of the strange and very erotic dream

he had been having. His breath was coming fast and quick, sweat drenched his face. His eyes blinked and slowly focused on the face directly in front of them, Natasha,




“Are you OK Sir? You were making a lot of noise…I was concern” She says nothing else, but settles on the edge of his bed holding on to her crutches, her robe securely around her,


“Like you were fighting, and I heard my name.”


He lays there a moment, the sheets dangerously low on his body and he had

forgotten to pack pjs. He shifts a little and scoots down so the sheet now rests

just above his bellybutton a little better,


“It was just a dream.”


“About me?”


“Not exactly.”


“It didn’t sound very pleasant whatever it was.”


She stands on her crutches and moves towards the door, pausing a moment

and then leaves.


Sleep was definitely out of the question now, as the dream had bothered him on a

few levels.




Somehow she isn’t surprised to see him when she opens the door a crack. Without

a word, Natasha hop back on her good leg without her crutches. He enters her room, finding it similar to his own but a little more green to the décor which suits her.


Conclusion to come…Will the cat win?

Natasha and the Cat and Mouse Game


Part 3


Natasha was waiting beside the car on her crutches next to Johnny the permanent chauffer to Peter Thomson and she did not like the way he was glancing at her. Sure she was cute to look at wearing a stylish stiletto heel on her left foot and her dark blue cast.


“Good morning, Johnny,” He looked straight at her, the right corner of his mouth

tweaking upwards slightly, “Miss Natasha.” Peter paused a moment, his eyes sweeping

up and down her frame.


“Nice skirt.”


Johnny glanced back and forth twice between his employer and his employer’s personal assistant and felt that there was something between those two be it sexual tension or something else


Natasha walked calmly around the car on her crutches and slid into the backseat with Peter’s help. He then put the crutches in the backseat while she was positioning her cast.

She kept her hands folded primly in her lap and watched as the city gave way to oddly placed country side.


She had said nothing to him. Was she mad?


“Johnny, if you can excuse us a moment. I need to discuss something with Miss Natasha.” Oh, that earned him a glare. He brought up the divider that separated him from seeing and or hearing anything in the backseat.


“Turn around sideways Natasha; your broken leg will be more comfortable” His tone was not exactly demanding but suggestive.


She didn’t move, and as she felt him scoot closer. Even when his lips ran over her hair, near the back of her neck she didn’t budge. She forced her lips to remain in a straight fixed line, her blue gaze focused.


Peter smiled has he moved to have better access to her long blue cast. She was trying so hard to resist him but wanted him so bad at the same time. He took her broken leg in his hands. His lips found her toes at the end of the cast and he licked them slightly.


“Sir what do you think your doing, let go my broken leg, please” She said but without any conviction


He let go her cast but she felt his hands slide around her. His arms tightening enough that she couldn’t pull away. His lips move to her neck.


He was holding her like he had the evening before, only this time his hand went higher.  He squeezed her entire breast in his hand, moving just so that his palm rubbed the nipple.


He wondered what else he could do to her in the car like this. He was quickly becoming

addicted to this, to touching her long cast and feeling her wonderful body. Having control over her, which was new to him.


“Sir?” Came a familiar voice over the car intercom.


“Shit.” He quickly pulls away from her, helping her move her heavy cast aside “


“What Johnny?” His tone is short, annoyed even.


“We’ve just pulled into the drive of the Resort.”


“We will finish this later Miss Natasha” his hand slowly trailed down the length

of her long cast until it was between her legs, “I can guarantee it.”


“Maybe I plan to lock my door Sir” She said breathless.


“I didn’t say tonight Miss Natasha. I said later.”


“We’ll see Sir” She said smiling at him like the cat that just hate the mouse.


He has about twenty seconds to make his point. He grabs her broken leg


“Oh yes. We will Natasha.” His fingers brush briefly between her legs the dark fabric of her pants a little moist, a smirk crossing his lips as he kisses her toes one last time while the car rolls to a stop


“We definitely will.” And with that he exits the now stopped vehicle, grabs the crutches form the trunk and offering her a hand which she refuses, making him chuckle. She struggled on her on to get out of the car and position the crutches under her arms without hitting her broken leg.




Something at changed since she broke her leg. He kept looking at her like he owned her or something. She could feel his hands still on her body, his lips on her toes. She knew once again she wouldn’t sleep very good tonight.


He would be there in her dreams taking her over and over again in ways that made her blush just thinking about them. The real question was how she was feeling about it. She was sexually aroused just being in his presence.


Damn him for knowing how to touch her, where to touch her and when. He knew all the

right buttons and she wondered how.


They were being given a tour of the actual Resort, Natasha wanted to walk, and she didn’t care if she had five inch stiletto heel, a broken leg and crutches. He kept randomly touching her, sliding his hand across her cast, squeezing her other knee and glaring seemed to do nothing.


He was reaching for her broken leg a third time when she caught his hand and whispered to him,

“Sir if you touch my cast again and I will push you out of this cart and onto your ass.”


She let go of his hand and Peter found himself grinning. He didn’t want her to be a push over in his little game, if she was, well he would simply get bored and never touch her again, now he practically itched to lay even his pinkie finger on her.


“Okay. So you win this round Miss Natasha.” He leaned into her, his lips brushing her ear discreetly. He lets his lips linger, letting his breath tickle at the sensitive skin of her ear.


She forces herself to sit there still, it hits her, why not give him a taste of his own medicine? After all they are alone in the back seat.


She bites her lower lip a moment; she can’t believe she’s actually going to do this. She shoots a glance at the owner, luckily he’s too busy keeping his eyes on the road and his mouth moving.


She grabs her cast with both hands and slides it across his knee, she watches his eyes glance down curiously through the side of his sunglasses and then look at her in the same manner.


Natasha just smiles innocently.


She takes a small breath when he opens his legs and the foot portion of her cast slide between his legs with her toes against his penis. She feels him stiffen just a little but is surprised he makes no move to stop her, he just looks down at her broken leg and keeps looking, watching.


She forces herself to look anywhere but at him or her toes. She would pay for that little trick later he assured himself and tried to ignore her beautiful toes and what they were currently doing between his legs.


He could feel himself growing harder and harder, and as he did her heavy cast seemed to move to match. It was almost unbearable, evil and wicked. How many time he had dreamed of that situation since she broke her leg.


It’s like she was reading his dirty mind.


Part 4 to come



Natasha and the Cat and Mouse Game


Part 2


He watched the way she moved on her crutches around the office. She was mastering her crutches in no time. Even with a broken leg she was very much in control of every step she took on her crutches.


Grace, agility and sexiness…what more could he ask for.


He leaned back against his desk, next to her broken leg that was resting on a chair, his eyes taking in the curves she managed to have despite her very slender appearance. Her beautiful long toes at the end of the cast were attracting his attention.


She was a beautiful woman and so much more.


Natasha felt his eyes on her broken leg and toes at the end of the cast, but she did her best to ignore it, a very difficult task.


“I’ve called them and made sure they know we’re coming”


The look in his eyes when he looked at her and specially now with her broken leg made her suddenly understand the feeling a small animal got when a lion stared it down. She was losing control and in a way she loved it.


She took a deep breath” Will that be all Mr. Thomson?” She needed to leave now.


He knew she knew how he was looking at her. You could feel the sexual tension in the air. She stood up and positions her crutches under her arms, facing his desk with her back to him.


He had the perfect view of both her long legs and tight ass.


Slowly he stood from leaning on his desk and slid behind her, trapping her between him and the desk. His hand slides across her wrists and slowly pries the crutches from her hands.


She was now using his desk for balance. With her leg cast bent the way it was at the knee she couldn’t use it for balance.


“Don’t forget to breathe.” He whispered in her ear.


He had been attracted to her since day one. Her broken leg had pushed him over the edge, he wanted her so bad. It was a very naughty idea to be sure to be attracted to a younger woman, working for you and in a full leg cast.


This exact moment while standing on her crutches with her back to him he decided that it was the perfect time to try it.


He was standing behind her, she wouldn’t mind if he touched her. She had fantasized often about running like a woman being chased, but her broken leg just wouldn’t allow her and if she hopped on her left foot she was all too sure she wouldn’t get far while wearing this high heel.


He was in total control of the situation and she loved it.


“I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do Natasha. Relax.”


He lets himself press against her, not enough to fully trap her against his desk, but enough to enjoy the sensation of her small but shapely behind pressing against his front.


In reaction she was sliding her long cast between his legs, rubbing her broken leg against him like a cat in heat while loving the feeling of his hard penis against her behind.


She bites her lower lip and grips the desk more, her knuckles beginning to turn white already.


He lets his hand linger against her most intimate part. For a moment his thumb is the only thing that moves, it gently rubs the place where her leg cast ends at the top of her right thigh.


“How much I would love to rub inside your cast Natasha. When you were in the stairs I wanted to touch your broken leg so bad”


She’s getting tired from standing on her left leg. She feels his hand move and press more firmly against her. She’s eager for more.


He wondered how much she wanted this. He lifts his hand from her a moment and

almost laughs at the eager movements of her hips. She needs this so bad.


His hand pushes the front of her skirt up. Screw decency. She wavers a bit on her left heel and he moves more against her, giving her something to lean on. He wants to protect her left ankle.


“You are so hot Natasha standing on one leg with your broken leg casted like this” He said


“Hummm Sir, are you turned on by my broken leg, the cast or would you like me to be your partly crippled secretary?”  She bites her lower lip again.


His fingers waste little time in diving into her wet folds. It doesn’t take him long to find his rhythm. And somehow he keeps her from moving her hips.


“All 3 options turn me on dear”


It’s then she decides he is evil and she loved it.


He notes the growing tightness of her body, the wetter she’s become. Finally the moan she’s been holding at bay betrays her and she grinds against his hands as his rhythm picks up. It’s like he knows how close she is, and then it happens.


She bends, her head flying to rest on his shoulder, eyes rolling back. He keeps going until her leg is almost ready to collapse, until her entire frame is convulsing and shuddering.


Only then when her left leg gives away, he slowly withdraws his left hand while his right supports her. He turns her around and helps her sit on the desk facing him. He adjust her clothing back properly


“Can you stand on your own yet?” He asked


She tries to speak, but can’t, still recuperating from the intense orgasm, so instead she nods while her left hand is rubbing her cast and the right one is between her legs.


“Hum. I doubt it.” He smile lightly and slowly pries her hand away from between her legs.


Carefully and gently he carries her over to the leather sofa and slowly helps her sit. He then grabs her crutches and brings them to her.


He turns to go back to his desk and put his tie and jacket back on


“Have a good evening. Tomorrow at eight Natasha, now don’t forget or I might have to please you again.” He said smiling.


She watches him leave; her lips still parted slightly trying to understand what really happened here. It’s at least five minutes before she can gather her crutches to stand up straight and two more before she feels she can actually swing her cast between her crutches without tripping or stumbling.


Her mind looses track of time as the events of that moment replay over and over in her head as she sits in the taxi sideways on the backseat with her long cast in front of her. In her dream that night she sees him cutting her cast off her leg and teasing her broken leg while she has huge orgasm.


Part 3 to come


Natasha and the Cat and Mouse Game


She walked into his office seductively over to him, her skirt, her legs and her heels glide along floor. Natasha loves to show off her sexy long legs and some of her friends thinks that she might have a shoe fetish of some kind. Today the shoes were a simple black pump on five inch stiletto heels.


His gaze traveled along her shapely legs. She was wearing a knee length skirt that was perfect for her.


The woman was practically all legs. He imagined what it would be like to have those legs around his waist, he was willing to bet they were strong legs, and that walking in those deadly shoes helped keep them that way along with a morning jog every day.


Part of him knew he’d probably never find out.


The rest of her outfit, a simple white dress shirt. Simple, yet classy earrings and her hair pulled back in a bun.


“You wanted to see me Sir?” Natasha stood poised, ready. But what could her boss want at the end of the day.


“Yes. Yes I did.” Quickly Peter pulled himself back from the thoughts of these sexy legs, and let his eyes meet hers,


“I wanted to clear our schedules for next Friday, I’m thinking about riding out to see that resport I was thinking of buying over the spring. You remember it don’t you Natasha?”


“Yes, I do. It was a very lovely place.” She smiled.


“Anything else?” She asked ready to leave


“No that’s all, see you tomorrow”




Every Tuesday Natasha took the stairs down at the end of day. It was a good way to stay healthy and keep those legs in top form. She usually changed her shoes but today she was in a rush and decided to go down from the 15th floor to the lobby wearing her high heels.


Big mistake that was going to change her life.


Halfway down around the 7th floor she was thinking of Peter and missed a step. She felt and her reflex was to lean forward and land on her right foot.


With a gut-wrenching scream, she felt her ankle and leg break on impact while falling in the stairs. While on the floor she shifted and felt pain up her right leg.


“What was I thinking” She moaned quietly realizing that for the first time in her life she had broken a bone. She reached for her cell phone and called Peter


“Mr Thomson, I need your help sir, I felt in the stairs and I can’t get up”


The reception was bad in the staircase.


“Where are you? In the stairs?”


“Yes around the 7th floor”


“Hold on Natasha, I’m coming!”


2 minutes later he was beside her. Looking at her leg he could see that it was possibly broken. There was something magical with the fact that 5 minutes ago she was teasing him with her long and sexy legs and now the same right leg couldn’t even take her weight..


“Where does it hurt?”


“My leg Sir, I think it’s broken, everything else seem fine” She said, moaning in pain.


He took is phone out and within seconds he called 911 to get some help.


While waiting for the EMS staff, he smoothed hair away from her face.


“How are you doing, Sweetheart?”


“To be honest sir I’ve been better. My leg is so sore” She said trying to get a better look of her leg.


Quickly the EMS was on location.


“Hello miss what’s your name”




“OK Natasha, we will need to splint you broken leg before we can move you. This will be painful but we have no choice”


She felt the bones in her broken leg ground together while the inflated splint realigns her broken leg. Before she knew it she was in the ambulance on her way to the hospital.




“I know I told you already but you’ve been very lucky young lady. You leg is broken in three places but since the bone were easily realigns, you didn’t need any surgery.” He said


She shifted slightly to get more comfortable; she could feel the heavy cast on her right leg. The cast went from her toes to her thigh, slightly bent at the knee. Dark blue was the colour she picked for her cast since it would go with pretty much all her black clothes.


While Peter listened to the doctor he realized that her leg was a mess and that she wasn’t going to walk for a very long time. A lovely, sexy and broken leg.


“How are you doing Natasha?” His wonderful blue eyes were concerned, one hand reaching up to rub her broken leg.


“A lot better than the last time you asked me Sir,” she answered, smiling.


“Are you in pain?”


“No. Actually I feel fine while my broken leg is up. I will be out of here this afternoon so if you don’t mind I would love to join you Friday since I will be totally mobile with my crutches” She said


“Are you sure you don’t prefer to rest at home?”


“No sir I need to get moving plus the doctor told me that recovery would be faster if I was active”


“Active….hummm I could help you there.” He said laughing


“OK, you will be coming with me on Friday but I look forward to see you tomorrow at the office to finish the planning of the trip”


“Great” she said smiling while looking at this long cast covering her whole leg.


Part 2 to come



Part 2


“You look marvellous my love”


“Thank you”


Selena smirked and moved forward on her crutches with Daniel at her heel. He loved to follow her and see that tight ass of hers and the bottom of her red cast.


The casino was pristine, shining like a new penny or a freshly minted gold bar. Selena sensed eyes on her and her cheeks burned. She felt overdressed in the silk black dress and fuck this crippled heel.


This place, with all its polished hard wood would be a dangerous place for a woman on crutches and wearing hi heel stiletto on her good foot. She glanced up at him as he surveyed the joint. He caught her uneasy gaze and squeezed her arm as he led her through the room to a bank of elevators.


“Come on, babe. Follow me” he said


“You know what happened to me last time I did that” She smiled and rubbed her cast between his legs.


He punched the 13 and the elevator doors dinged open. As they ascended, Selena deliberately kept her distance from Daniel for the short ride, not wanting a repeat performance of their last elevator trip.


“Ladies and gentlemen, if you'd like to play a little poker tonight, our first hand begins now. The game is no-limit Texas Hold 'em. There will be no re-buys tonight, so I suggest you play your very best. Please, take your seats.”


Selena felt Daniel's energy nearly reach a breaking point as he guided her toward THE table. Outwardly, he appeared calm, bored even. But, Selena could tell that he was nearly heady with glee.


Once they got to the table she saw why Daniel was so excited


Daniel chose the seat directly across from the dealer. Selena was to his right.

To her right was a young brunette woman with an air of naivety about her but she was sitting in a wheelchair.  Her right leg was amputated just above the knee and her left leg was in a full leg cast with a walking heel at the bottom. She was sure that Daniel had all kinds of wild and erotic images in his dirty sweet mind.


The brunette gave a little wave to Daniel and I saw him trying to get a better view at this sweet woman’s legs.  About fourteen hands in, Selena was getting bored and placed a tentative hand on Daniel's right thigh. He barely flinched. He was good at the whole poker face thing.


She then crossed her leg and slid the cast a crossed his leg, her cast touching the seat fabric between his legs. Daniel held in a shaky breath and gave her a stern look, clearly trying to convey that she'd picked a rather inopportune moment to distract him.


She wiggled her eyebrows at him as if to say that she'd chosen the perfect moment for him to stop looking at the young crippled thing and start paying attention to his mature and horny wife.


She folded her own hand, concentrating her energies on inching her devilish toes at the end of the cast ever closer to the rise in his pants. She knew the other players couldn't see it, but the muscle in his jaw was ticking.


Daniel nearly gasped as Selena found his cock with her toes.


Daniel just pushed his chips forward. “All in.”


Selena smiled and stroked him as the turn was dealt. She needed to get him to take a break from the game and she sincerely hoped that this would be his last hand, win or lose.


A nine of spades came on the turn.


The tempo of her strokes increased as the dealer tossed away a card.


The river. Seven of spades.


Selena pulled her cast away from him. Daniel's grin dimmed slightly and he fixed her with a wondering gaze as he gathered his winnings.


“I think we need a drink break after that.” Daniel didn't wait to hear everyone consent. He jumped up and got Selena’s crutches


Briskly, he walked with her following on her crutches toward the ladies' lounge.


“One minute,” he hissed under his breath.


“One minute for what my love” She said smilling


“You have one minute to prepare yourself before I join you in there.”


Selena grinned and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “No can do. I have company.” She smiled almost imperceptibly toward the young woman in the wheelchair who was now entering the bathroom.


Daniel started to protest, “Look, I don't care if ….”


“Go get our chips and cash 'em in,” she cut him off with a dazzling grin. “I'm going to need to make a quick getaway. And, if you behave, I'll reward you when we get home.”


Daniel opened his mouth to answer back, but thought twice and turned back to the bar without comment.


She exited the bathroom to find Daniel already waiting for her. His jaw was set and he was nearly bouncing on the balls of his feet.


She came close to him and said. “Did you say our goodbyes? Give our excuses? I kissed and licked your little friend in the bathroom”


The words were terse and his grin was hidden, but as the elevator doors dinged closed, Selena kissed him quiet. The ride was over too quickly. Daniel had seriously contemplated hitting the emergency stop.


“Now you'll have to make good on those promises, Selena” he growled into her ear as he helped her into the SUV and put her crutches sin the back seat. He loved the way she leaned on him and used the truck and hop in it.


Selena smiled and settled back, waiting for him to join her. The ride was almost unbearable. Daniel battled against Selena's teasing hands, trying desperately not to wreck.


Selena wanted to tell him to just park somewhere because she couldn't possibly wait any longer. But, she didn't want to give up that sort of control.


As soon as she managed to make it to the second floor of the apartment complex on her crutches, Selena had already unbuttoned three buttons of his white shirt. She dropped the crutches as she pushed Daniel against the door, kissing him fiercely.


“Were you turned on by that young partly crippled woman Daniel?” She said rubbing her broken leg against his leg.


Daniel lifted her into his arms and she let her legs wrap around his waist.


“Noooo I love your long legs too much…”



They crashed into the island. Daniel slammed the lock into place and continued kissing her as he made for her bedroom.


“Yes but imagine my long legs in full leg cast Daniel while naked in my wheelchair”


“Wow” was all he could say


“He needs to go out,” Selena panted between kisses. Daniel dropped his head to

her chest. They'd almost made it across the threshold to her bedroom. Selena slid out of Daniel's grasp and bent to reach for her cast off heel.


“What are you doing?” He asked


Conclusion to come







Part 1


Selena was nervous and she hated being nervous. Last time she was that nervous bad things happened to her on a ski hill while skiing in off limits trails.


“This is the worst idea. Ever.” The tall blonde blew a shiny curl off of her forehead as she tugged at the hem of a black party dress that might have been cellophane for all it was covering.


“Why did I let him pick this dress for me today”


The price for the Tom Thomson painting that Selena just purchased was over $934,000. It was amazing what one could do with money and yet when she looks down her right leg she was still in a cast, 16 weeks after her skiing accident in the Alps.


“Money can’t buy everything my dear Selena” Crossing her legs with her short red cast. Auctions were a game of chance and money that she actually enjoyed.


She hated that dress, however, once she had it on, she found that it dipped to the center of her full breasts, exaggerating their size. And while the hem fell all the way to her knees, the fabric clung to her every curve making her choice of panties a difficult trick. All the while, the dress displayed every part of her body in the best way.


At her age of 41 she should have been wearing a more…decent, conservative dress but eh you only live once and except for a broken leg she had all the right parts to show off. She was 5 9 about 120 pounds, slim with legs to die for. Firm breast and a devilish smile that would seduce any man or woman.


Daniel poked a head out from the bathroom.


“You look fantastic my dear”


“Do you care that you're pimping me out? Everybody at the auction today was staring at my legs. The regular and the broken one” Selena said while looking totally delectable with her long legs crossed. She never put anything to cover her toes at the end of the cast and he loved that.


He was so sorry that she had to go through multiple leg operations, leg tractions, casts etc but right now on her crutches she was a poster perfect look for every caster in the world and she knew how to use her cast to her advantage.


For months she had been in full leg cast but now finally she was down to a shorter cast.



She was so natural on crutches. They way she moved her ass and the crutches slightly touching her breast with every step she took.


Daniel stepped from around the corner. Hit with the full force of his two-button charcoal suit, cut dangerously close against his tall, lean frame, Selena was, momentarily speechless.


Daniel closed the distance between them, running his hands over her bare arms, loving her warmth and the gooseflesh that appeared wherever he touched her.


“How’s the leg tonight Selena?”


“It’s ok you know as long as I’m a good girl and use my crutches at all time” She said standing on left foot that was now in a 4 inch stiletto pump.


He dropped his mouth to hers. As his tongue traced the seam of her lips, teasing them apart, she moaned. He carried her backward to the sofa after she dropped her crutches, being very careful that she doesn’t stand on her broken leg.


Pressed between the hard length of him and the low back of the couch, she returned his hot, hard kisses, thrust for parry. As his thumb grazed a bare nipple through the delicate silk of her dress, Selena moaned against him, hitching one good leg around his.


What a sight to see her long leg wrapped around him while he caress the toes at the end of the cast.


“I’m so sorry dear that you are still on crutches Selena” He said remembering clearly in his mind when she followed him off the track and felt.


 “Daniel my leg” Selena cried out from where she had felt in the snow with her right leg broken in 3 places. Tears of pain were all ready springing to her eyes as she cried out again.


“It hurts Daniel it hurts so much,” she cried out as he tried to gently pulled her foot from her ski boot.


“Can you move it at all honey?”


Gingerly she tried but to no avail. “I think it's broken,” she said trying to put on a brave front.


It took only a few minutes for Daniel to find a couple of strong, straight branches that he could use as splints. Using his scarves he slid them under her leg then placing one of the sticks either side of her leg he told her hold on cause it was going to hurt.


Placing one hand on her ankle and one on her leg he whispered to her,


“I love you Selena,” and yanking hard snapped her leg back in place. He quickly tied the splints in place.


And like they say the rest is history. Or almost since she’s still in a short leg cast using crutches.


For a moment, she was glad of the ridiculous four inch black stilettos on her left foot. She didn't have to stand on her toes to reach him and their hips were nearly flush.


Daniel grinned against her, continuing his assault as his other hand wandered up from her knee, hitching the flimsy fabric as it went. When he discovered one particular garment missing, he stood back to search her face.


“You planned this. How can still tease me like that Selena, you’re not 20 anymore.” The accusation was softened by his broad, eager smile. With a laugh, Selena laid her hands on his wool suit coat and pushed him away.


“If we start this, we'll never get to the casino and you know how important this fund raiser his. And, I can't run out on my crutches and get another dress if you rip this one my love. Let’s behave like adults for a change”


Daniel frowned, leaving his full palm on her bare hip.


“I can skip the gambling for this,” he gave her rear a squeeze and grinned down at her.


“Well, so could I but we can’t”


She hops to her crutches and bent over giving a clear view of her tight ass, sexy leg and cast.  After positioning the crutches she looked in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw.


Daniel opened the door for her.


“I will rape you Daniel when we get back” She said moving gracefully on her crutches with her knee bent and the read cast floating off the floor.


Daniel grinned, “I love it when you talk dirty”


“Oh, come on. Promises, promises’.” He winked at her as the elevator doors slid shut. And on their way down, she did her very best to prove him wrong.








Selena was standing inside the Casino standing tall on her crutches when she felt a familiar sensation tingle across her neck, Selena turned to her husband


Part 2 to come

Love letters




He was torturing her, and she loved every damn second of it. Jason didn’t remove her blouse, even though every button was undone. He placed a finger atop her lips; Nicole knew what to do.


She took the finger in and sucked it languidly, thoroughly enjoying Jason’s moan of approval.


“You want this, don’t you baby? You want it so bad, just like you want to be sitting in this chair and be totally mine, unable to walk” he teased. 


“So bad,” he murmured, as he grabbed Nicole’s wheelchair and pushed her forward.


“I love how you feel up against me. How you now depend on me without your crutches”


Nicole said nothing; she just turned her head toward the voice, wishing that he would remove the blindfold.


“Just let me take care of you” he told her.


She had no idea where he was leading her, but she was far to overwhelmed to care. As long he was there with her, she would be fine; frankly she would be much more than fine.


He lifted her up by her waist, and helped her on her right foot. He rubbed his nose along her neck, taking another deep breath of her. Jason was taking her in, and she was letting him.


Under her foot, she could feel a blanket. It felt so soft under her tender sole. She rubbed her foot against it, before she felt Jason push her down onto it; her head lay firmly on a



“Jason, can I remove the blindfold? Please”


“Of course, love.”


She yanked the blindfold off her face, her eyes blinking rapidly as she tried to

adjust to seeing again, and what a sight it was.


There was no furniture in the room. They were seated on a large wool blanket, in the center of the room. She could see strawberries and champagne chilling in a bucket by the

corner of the blanket closest to Jason.


For weeks I wanted  to go dig out that box of plaster bandages that I have had hidden for so long and use them on your beautiful leg and then you break your leg.  The big problem that I had was that with your broken leg I had to delay this”


Her lips met his in a passion filled kiss. It was like they were having a silent conversation

with each other. His lips would move against hers and then hers would move against his, both of them trying to please the other. Jason was the one to stop the kiss, allowing them a chance to breathe.


“Jason, this is amazing. The whole experience been so sensual and I have so many questions. But what do you mean…what do you want to do”


“We’ve only just begun, Nicole. The way you reacted to everything  you say confirmed that you were ready for 8 weeks of total dependence .Lay back down, enjoy” he ordered. She didn’t even take a second to process what he said before her head met the pillow. Her blouse was spread open on the sides, giving Jason a spectacular view of her large firm breasts.


“You’re so fucking beautiful, laying down here in this long leg cast” he mumbled to himself, but she heard, the blush that spread across her cheeks let him know. He smiled.


Even now, Nicole still couldn’t understand all this. The cast, the amputee , the wheelchair…


“I’m going to make you feel amazing, Nicole,” he confidently spoke into her ear, as

he held himself up above her. She moaned, growing anxious. She wanted to know

what he would do next.


He littered her chest and stomach with kisses, blowing cool air over every spot his mouth had just been. She shivered, the goose bumps returned. He rubbed his fingers above them, loving that he could still, after all this time, have such an effect on her.


He kissed down her right leg while feeling the surface of her broken leg with his fingers, pushing up her skirt to kiss her thigh before traveling down to her knee, gently kissing the scrape she had managed to get.


He then finally took her cast in his hands and kissed the top of her toes.


She knew what was coming and groaned in anticipation. Jason lips made quick work of rubbing licking her toes at the end of the cast. He pressed his lips and teeth on her toes, pressing harder when she cried out for him to.


God, he loved the sounds she made. He was there when she felt off the horse. In his mind he could see it all in slow-motion how her left leg planted first on the ground until…


She pressed her cast and right leg together. She was trying to relieve the ache he was causing her between her legs. He smirked, knowing how he was affecting her sexually.


He kissed back up her right leg to her stomach, stopping at her breast. She squirmed under him.  For Nicole, it was torture, cruel and unusual punishment. All she wanted him to do was plunge so far deep into her. She was so wet, her panties soaked beyond belief, and Jason hadn’t even begun.


“Now my dear relax  and enjoy” he said


While licking her breast, he lifted Nicole up and removed her blouse. She now lay before him in the bra.


“Mhmm, my my Nicole” he growled as he looked down at her. She looked ravishing.


He then took the plaster and started getting it all wet. She was staring at him while he slid the stockinet over her leg.


Think about that heavy plaster as I wrap your foot, ankle and leg.  Massaging the wet plaster to conform perfectly to the shape of your leg”.

“You look divine,” he remarked, as his fingers rubbed along the top of her breasts. Her nipples hardened at the touch.


“I feel so good right now, but how can I have both legs casted” she moaned.


“I continue to wrap up your lower leg as you get wetter and wetter.  With a slight bend, I'll wrap the cast up and over your knee until your entire leg is trapped in the hardening cast from your toes to high on your thigh”


The smallest touch of Jason’s fingers, the slightest move of her broken leg, some of

the most intense sensations Nicole had ever experienced. He was leaving her breathless as he ravaged her good leg. She was at the highest peak of her existence and Jason had barely touched her.


Shivers run up her spine as his tongue caresses her newly casted toes and then slightly bite the toes.”


“Jason, please,” she whispered, airy and full of want.


“Please what, Dear Nicole?”


“I’ve only just begun, my love. Stay with me.”


Nicole’s eyes rolled closed while she fantasized while unable to move both legs, as Jason’s teeth grazed over the flesh above her red and white striped bra.


“I told you,” he started softly.


“Of how sweet you look laying down, happy, in lust with your broken leg protected by your cast and your other leg protected from me by this heavy plaster cast . Waiting for me.”


“Close your eyes, my love, close them, and trust me, let me lead you just a little further.”


“Anywhere,” Nicole nodded, breath erratic, closing her eyes tighter. “God, anywhere, Jason.”


“Good,” he grinned, and Nicole knew from how light his voice was, that he was smirking. God that smirk would be the death of her. She smiled up at him, following his instructions impeccably.


Slowly, Jason made his way down her body, peppering her skin with soft, feather-light kisses, slowing only when he got to the waistband of her skirt.


“I was so right,” he smiled looking at her skirt draped loosely over both casts.


“Unwrapping you will be even better…”


With that, he reached for the zipper at her side, and pulled the teeth down. When the skirt was removed, Jason’s own senses were overtaken by his already hardened arousal.


Breath heavy, Nicole wanted to open her eyes, but she didn’t. Couldn’t. He had asked

her to follow, and she willingly went, and would obey his wishes until the end of this experience.


“Jason,” she sighed. “I love you. I trust you”


Reaching over, he pulled a strawberry out of the bowl, running the ruby point from her navel to her chin, slowly trailing it up the hot expanse of skin.


“Open up your mouth for me,” he whispered, leaning into whisper, his breath tickling the shell of her ear.




Licking her bottom lip, Nicole opened her mouth and waited, letting Jason place the strawberry between her lips so she could take a bite.


“Feel,” he said quietly, moving to kiss the wine-colored tinge on her mouth. He dipped his tongue down, across the soft flesh, immediately gaining the access he was seeking from her. The strawberry was sweet, yes, but not in comparison to her, not in Jason’s opinion.


“Jason,” she gasped, eyes still closed her breath hot and unaccented.


He trailed his fingers to swipe over her nipples once more. His hands traveled lower, and lower still, until his hands met the fabric of her panties. Wasting no time, Jason ripped the panties exposing her body to him wholly.


“You are mine,” he said again, growling as he rubbed both her leg and cast.


“Say it. Say it out loud.”


“I am yours,” she panted. “Please Jason.”


“In time,” he answered casually. “In time, my love, have faith in me just like you had faith when you were on the ground with your leg twisted and broken.”


“Jason, please. I need you now I can’t walk” Nicole pleaded, her hips pushing toward him.


“Yes and you look so desirable”


Jason finally touched Nicole where she wanted. Since that first letter, that ache was all she had been thinking about. She had been burning for his touch, and he was finally relieving her, and she couldn’t handle it.


Her whole body felt alive, little jolts of energy were surging beneath the casts and all over her broke leg. She felt the broken bones almost


He rubbed his fingers up and down her slit, spreading the moisture. Spreading her lips, he rubbed his finger along her folds, teasing her, tracing her entrance before finally letting a finger enter her.


Nicole’s head fell back against the pillow, reviling in the feeling. Finally, she thought. He slipped another finger in, curling them once he was inside. She was so wet, so warm.


He was so good at pleasing her.


He couldn’t wait to be in her, to feel her around him, to feel her consume him, couldn’t wait for them to come together.


A moan tore through her lips, as she arched her back. She slid her long casts as she could on the blanket, pushing her hips against the motion of his fingers, following the rhythm he was setting.


It was the most beautiful thing Jason had ever seen, her struggling to position her long casts, head tilted back in ecstasy, her hips moving with him.


It was seductive, absolutely erotic.


“You are so beautiful Nicole…I want to make love to you”


“Jason, more,” she cried out, his fingers dipping into her faster.


“What do you want, Nicole? Tell me what you want me to do.”


“You, I want you. Make love to me” She could barely speak still under shock from what he just told her. She wanted him to taste her; she wanted the warmth of his mouth on her.


Nicole cried out in pleasure.


She pulled on his hair as his tongue abused her clit, over and over again, his fingers back curled inside her, pumping in and out. He lifted her casts and placed them over his shoulder. She felt so sensual and so much in need, trapped in these long leg cast.


Staring into her eyes, Jason pushed into her slowly, groaning as the heat engulfed him. She was so hot, so unbelievably hot, and tight. Nicole’s hips rose as she instinctively tried wrapping her legs around his back but it was impossible, she was crippled for months.


He pumped in and out of her slowly. She could feel every single movement of his body as he worked in and out of her. He was making love to her.


She could feel her orgasm approaching as the familiar tingling sensation could be felt in her toes. Jason watched as her body convulsed. He couldn’t handle how beautiful she looked in these leg casts, her head thrown back, mouth open, his name coming from her lips.


He continued to thrust into her as his orgasm drew closer. She tightened so hard around his erection, practically ripping his orgasm from him. As he came, he gripped tightly to her hips, thrusting deep, working everything out of his orgasm.


This woman was perfect.


“I love you,” he told her, rolling off her. She suddenly felt empty. She watched him get up to retrieve something. She didn’t know what it was, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was for him to pick her up and place her in the wheelchair, in her wheelchair.


After picking her up and placing her in the chair, he sat beside her, cleaning her body with a warm, wet towel. Nicole sighed, as Jason rubbed the towel all over her.



“I feel horrible you hurt your leg so badly my dear teacher,” he remarked, looking up at her casts.


“I don’t care. I had to get to you. Plus, people were staring at me with one leg cast, imagine now” she joked, breathlessly, her body still reeling from her release.


“Thank you,” he whispered, kissing her forehead.


“I’m doing it for you Jason.” She said wheeling herself around in her wheelchair naked wearing only the casts


“Yes, but did you enjoy the little game?.”


“It was quite a pleasurable gift at the end,” she said.


She stared up at, as he looked down at her.


“I love you,” she declared.


“I love you, more,” he countered.


“Can I tell you something that I’ve never told anybody, Nicole?” Jason asked, staring down at his crippled wife. She was so beautiful; he could hardly stand it. He was the luckiest man alive. Little did he know, Nicole was thinking the exact same thing; she was the luckiest woman in the world.


“Mhmm, Jason sure please do” She smiled up at him.


He laughed quietly.


“Please don’t be offended” he said


“Fine, go ahead,” wheeling up close so that her casts were touching his legs.


“I’ve wanted to role play rape with me forever. I dreamed of ripping your clothes and forcefully make love to you”


“hummm I see, first my broken leg, then the amputee, the wheelchair, the second casts and now the rape”


She began to slide out of the chair. He loved to see her struggle with her long legs casts.


“First you will have to catch me” She said crawling on the floor naked wearing only 2 long leg cast. Using her arms to move forward.


“I love you so much sweaty.” He picked her up in his arms and kissed her



The end








Love letters


Part 4


“Find?” Nicole asked. “What the fuck, Jason?” she questioned out loud, startling

the man behind the register. She apologized to him while she opened the letter.

His beautiful calligraphy once again painted across the page. She read, as his

voice sounded in her head.


Dear Nicole,

Don’t be upset. I know I’ve sent you on this crazy adventure while you are struggling with a cast and crutches, but there is only one more letter until we’re finally together.


Do you remember that first night we spent together? All we did was read to each

other by the fireplace. It was the first snowfall of the winter, just a few days

before Christmas. You looked so beautiful by the fire in that silky red dress my

sister made you wear. Do you remember what I read to you, baby? Find it and there you’ll find you’re

last clue.

Hurry my love. Good luck…Break a leg



“Break a leg Jason…are you for real” She said inside her head


Of course, she remembered what book.


“It was Madame Bovary”


As the memory faded, Nicole made her way on her crutches to that section of the bookstore. Finding the book, she spotted the familiar envelope. She pulled the letter off carefully, noting that the envelope felt heavy.


She was nervous. She was so close, she could feel him. With all the trepidation in the world, she opened the envelope, pulling out the letter and a brass key.


Dear Nicole,

You've found the key to my heart, now find me.

I love you.



In all honesty, Nicole really wanted to just quit the race. She wanted to fall back into one of the plush reading chairs, and just relax, and reread the book that held such an amazing memory for her. For them.


The weight of the key in her hand stopped her from doing that though. It was old, brass,

and antique, like a skeleton key, from the older houses and mansions like in the movies. Nicole couldn’t place it, didn’t know where it came from, but that didn’t stop her from trying to guess.


As she turned to leave, she put the envelope in her coat pocket, and headed for the entrance, walking slowly back toward her car on her crutches and waving her thanks to the man behind the check-out counter.


Her hands shook as she turned the letter over, trying to get the address punched into her stupid GPS, only messing up twice before she’d finally entered it in and pressed go.


Looking at the clock, it was already six thirty, which didn’t leave her with much time. She had half an hour to get to the final destination, where Jason was waiting for her.


“Turn left, point five kilometre.”


“Where are you leading me, Jason?”


The voice of the GPS navigation system answered her question for her:




A cottage.


She’d never seen this cottage before. She knew that Jason loved the outdoors, and frequently went out camping and hunting as a child, but never had she seen

this cottage.


Deciding not to waste another minute, she slid out of the car her long cast, and walked up steps on her crutches to the door with the key in hand. She had no idea what to expect as she went to unlock the door, or how to proceed once she was inside.


Would there be another letter?


Would she get inside and just know what to do?


Casting her worries aside, she put the antique key into the old fashioned lock

and turned it.




As she opened the door, slowly, she walked in and looked around. The cottage was as warm and inviting as she thought it was. It smelled like pine, but there was a lingering, familiar smell. Him. She could smell him. He was here.


As she closed the door, she turned around to lock it, when her hand met with yet

another envelope. The red envelope was taped to the deadbolt, so that she’d surely find it.

Before she could stop herself, Nicole giggled and grabbed for it, taking way less care this time and open it.


Dear Nicole,

You are my life now, my beautiful, amazing, seductive, injured goddess. You're my life, and forever, you will have my heart. I ask you for just one last thing, my darling, I need you to put your faith in  me, your trust.

There's a box on the table, open it, and put it on and then rest your poor leg my love

Have faith in me, I'm waiting for you.

Perpetually yours,



Exhaling, Nicole put down the letter, repositions her crutches and walked into the room before her, where the package laid waiting for her, on a beautiful wheelchair.


She took a deep breath and as she pulled off the top, she took a deep breath, and manoeuvred through the tissue paper. Under the mass of tissue, there was another note card, and a long piece of soft, black velvet.


Have Faith in Me, as I Have Faith in You.


This was all too much for her. She felt like she had been at this games for days and not hours.


As soon as she felt the cloth, sliding it through her fingers, she knew exactly what he wanted from her. She was standing there with her cast and looking so desirable.  She decided to sit in the wheelchair and using both her hands she managed to position her broken leg on the footrest that had already been adjusted perfectly for the angle of her leg cast.


She tied the velvet strip over her eyes, removing her right shoe in the process, and took another deep breath to ready herself. The fabric was soft on her skin as she moved her curls away from her face, pinning them behind her ears.


The anticipation was so intense now, much more so than before, but she tried not to worry about anything as she listened to her breathing. She waited quietly, hands resting on top of her cast, thinking about all his comments about her broken leg, the amputee hostess and now sitting in this wheelchair.


What was she to think?


Just as she had suspected, a few moments later the sound of soft footsteps resonated off in the distance. She’d know that sound from anywhere. It was him, her Jason. Just the fact that he was near, made her heart flutter and set her body ablaze.


The footsteps drew closer. She could feel his presence. Her breathing was off; she couldn’t take a steady breath. She bit at her lip savagely, trying not to make a sound.


“Jason,” she barely managed to speak, but his finger quickly found purchase on her mouth. He shushed her, his breath tickling the little hairs on her ear. Her lips trembled, as his hands began to run up and down her arms. All she wanted to do was pull the blindfold off and attack his lips.


“I don’t want to ruin this with too many words, Nicole. Just feel the moment. Get lost in

everything.” He took a deep breath right by the hollow of her neck. He placed kisses along the sides of her throat.


“You smell so good, Nicole. I’ve been thinking about this all day. You have no idea what I have planned for you. I’m going to make you feel so good, baby. So fucking good,” He moaned quietly while taking away her crutches.


He whispered into her ear, as his lips continued to travel along the nape of her neck, nibbling harder the further he traveled. His voice had dropped down three octaves. Never had his voice been so full of lust.


She loved it.


It was slow, painful torture, as he unbuttoned her blouse. Nicole could feel those gorgeous fingers brush against her skin as every button was opened. She was panting louder with every button that went. She was practically crying, whimpering, in pleasure. It was just too much. She couldn’t handle it.


Conclusion to come

Love letters


Part 3


She was growing more and more anxious by the minute. She just wanted to get to Jason. She knew the moment he touched her, she’d lose it. The lingerie set was so cleverly picked. He would literally have to unwrap her to remove it, and she couldn’t wait.


“Turn right in two Kilometres.”


Nicole looked up to see that the next destination was over thirty miles away. Where the hell are you making me go, Jason stuck in this long cast, what if the car broke down?


It would be another half hour spent alone in her car, festering in her desire, dying to get to Jason already. Nicole was slowly losing her composure. She kept trying to rub her legs together as she drove, but with her full leg cast it was almost impossible to do.


She wanted to get to Jason in one piece.


As she drove, she wondered why Jason felt like he did about her broken leg. He had written also, that she should remember the place; that it was the reason that he’d gotten her the GPS in the first place, but she kept drawing a blank.


“Keep on the main road.”


Stupid GPS woman, Nicole thought.


Nicole hardly hesitated before jumping out of the car and grabbing her crutches in the back seat. This constant throbbing pressure between her legs was getting the best of her, the realization that she was that much closer to him. She was struggling to open the door until the hostess came to her help.


“Thanks for your help; little things that are so simple with 2 good legs are not that easy anymore for me. I’m Nicole; I think you have an envelope for me?”


“You’re Jason’s Nicole?” The hostess asked, her face riddled with confusion.


“Jason’s wife?”


Nicole moved nervously on her crutches


“I’m Jason’s girlfriend, we are not married, but we live together. I think we’ve completely gotten the formalities out of the way now. Would you like me to go back to my car to get my driver’s license? Because I will. I don’t have time, so. Do you have a letter for me, or not?” Nicole was so fed up of that.


“Yes I slept with a married man, are you happy? And you know something I;m not the first one” she wanted to yell at the world.


“Old on one second somebody wants to talk to you”


“Great. I was in this restaurant only once with Jason and somebody wants to talk to me” She said while squeezing her crutches in frustration.


A young woman came back, probably in her mid twenties, also on crutches but not because of a cast or a sprained ankle. She had lost her right leg. She turned around and her skirt revealed to Nicole a short stump. She looked through a wicker basket, looking for the letter in question. Eventually, she pulled it out, and held it out for Nicole.


“Thank you,” Nicole said, reaching for it.


“Oh, not so fast, Mrs. Nicole” the single leg hostess teased, pulling the letter from

Nicole’s grasp.


“There are instructions to go with it. You have to tell me what you and Jason ate for desert here, six years ago.” The hostess’ face had a ridiculous smirk.


“Oh come on,” Nicole sighed. “You’ve got to be kidding me. That was six fucking

years ago,” she mumbled while looking at the hostess leg, actually the amputated one, the stump.


“We had the Chocolate cake for dessert, and then asked for the check. Now, if that’s all, I’d like my letter now.”


The hostess looked absolutely stunned, but handed over the letter without another word. Nicole rushed out a fast ‘thank you’ and bolted toward the car on her crutches, climbing into the driver seat after positioning her cast and grinning as she tore the green ribbon off the crimson envelope, not caring to be gentle with this one.


Dear Nicole,

My dear, sweet, beautiful Nicole. You’ve done it again. This is why I love you so

much. You remembered something as tedious as our first date.


Don’t yell at me, baby. I know the hostess was a deplorable specimen to the female gender on a single leg.  You’ve one more stop, my love. The clock is ticking. The next address is on the back. Find me; I’m dying to be with you again.



Nicole trembled. There were so many emotions and questions raking her tiny body, she didn’t know whether to cry, to laugh, moan, or even to shout. This man was unbelievable. He was the perfect one.


He knew her. What about the hostess on crutches, amputee? What was that all about?


She yanked her seatbelt from the side of the car, almost ripping it out of its socket. She punched the address into the GPS. It wasn’t too far from where she was parked, only fifteen minutes.


She had an hour to get to him. She sped thought the small town at a velocity she never would have ever imagined. Jason was playing with her now. It took her only eight minutes, she checked, to get to her last destination before Jason.


It was a brand new bookstore. It was nothing that held any significance to them, beside the fact that they both loved to read. That was something they did spend time doing.  She could get lost when he read erotic novels to her… Oh lord, the way his voice would drop an octave, and he would whisper it to her, it drove her mad.


 It was driving her mad, as she slowly took the steps of the bookstore on her crutches.

Nicole came through the door, out of breath. She slowed her pace down as she crutched over to the bookstore owner.


“Good evening, sir. I’m Nicole. Do you happen to have a letter for me?” she asked, graciously.


“I do. Here you go. Don’t leave though. There’s something you must find, first.”


Part 4





Love letters


Part 2


It was a dusty and deserted gas station and – wait.


“I’ve been here before…”


Before she got out of the car, she looked around for a three by five envelope with a bow.




She sighed and killed the ignition, pocketing the keys and slipping back into her right heel.


“Alright Jason, what are you planning…?”


She took a deep breath after struggling to get out of her car with the cast. She positioned her crutches and headed for the station attendant, a young man with a goatee and a trucker hat. Could he have been more generic?


She didn’t really think she’d get any different look form this man. Another deep breath and she walked in on her crutches, smiling shyly at the attendant.


“You wouldn’t happen to have an envelope with a bow in here somewhere?”


“Hot damn, you are even nicer then Jason said and that cast wow it is long…!” The attendant gasped.


“You’re Jason’s girl right?”


Laughing to herself, she nodded, “Yes how many woman’s with a full leg cast, heel and skirt comes to your location. So, I’m in the right place, am I? Can I have the envelope?”


“Actually, Mrs. Nicole, I have two. But in order for you to get the second, you’ll have to read the first.” His grin grew ten times bigger then, as he handed Nicole the envelope.


Instead of her name written on this one, the envelope simply had a large, gold, number one written neatly on it.


Dear Nicole,

Do you remember this place? You should, my love, this place is the exact reason I got you that GPS system. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve made you come back out here, but I assure you it’s worth it.


In order to get the second letter, you have to do something for me. The attendant knows not to give you the second envelope until he gets your bra, baby, your full firm breast don’t need it anyway, so don’t waste time.

The clock is ticking. You have until seven. I love you, beautiful, don’t keep me






“Wait, honestly? You’re waiting for my…my bra?”


“Yes ma’am,” he nodded.


“I’m under strict instructions not to give you the envelope, or this here box until I get that bra.”


“Package?” Nicole asked, licking her lips. “What is it?”


“I don’t know; it’s wrapped. See?” He reached down and pulled out a box, red

wrapping paper, green bow, and gold tag. ‘Nicole’ was written in black, in Jason’s perfect scrawl. She grinned and immediately gave up on trying to think of ways out of it.


She could do this for Jason, if he’d taken all this time to set this up.


“Fine, do you mind holding on to my crutches, I will need both hands” she nodded.


“Mind? Off course not”


While balancing on her right heel, she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, pulling it through the sleeves of her blouse expertly and bunching it up in her hand

before putting out her other hand.


“Here you go, now, give me my crutches,letter and my present. Please.”


The attendant grinned and grabbed for the material as she grabbed for the box

and the envelope.


“Mighty fine doin’ business doing with you Nicole” he laughed.


“Next time your boy needs to get you out of some clothes, I’m happy to help out.”


“I don’t think we’ll need your services for that, but I’ll need your help to bring all this to my car…You see us poor little injured woman need strong man like you. Take care of that bra, it was expensive.”


Walking out of the gas station, she crutched to the car, almost tripping twice as she

pulled the keys out of her pocket and opened the letter.


Dear Nicole,

My, my, my love. I’m very impressed right now. I half expected a phone call telling me I was crazy. Did you see how he kept looking at your broken leg and crutches?


You’ve passed my first test, my darling, beautiful Nicole. My next task for you is to open your present – put the items on. The address is at the bottom. Hurry love, I’m waiting for you. You know how much I love getting you out of those clothes. Now, well, I’ll have more incentive when you open your present.

The clock is still ticking, love. I’m waiting for you.




Nicole chuckled and read over the letter. He knew her so well. She had been so tempted to call him and give him a piece of her mind about the little gas station stunt, but she had stopped herself.


She was far too aroused to stop this little game he was playing with her and she was forgetting about the broken leg or at the very least was looking at it in a different way. She had been wet from the moment she read the first letter, and as every second ticked by, it only got worst.


She looked up at her dashboard; it was now 4:45. It had been an hour and half since she had left the school. She only had a little over two hours left to get to Jason. Quickly, she backed the seat to the maximum. She tried to delicately unwrap the box, but her patience grew thin, and she ended up ripping the wrapping paper completely apart. Inside, there was yet another envelope, and a lacy, red lingerie set.


She took the envelope out of the box, getting ready to open it, but the words DO



She took a breath in and held up the lingerie set, a satin striped triangle bra with a matching thong. It was provocative and practically screamed naughty.


Making sure that the gas station attendant couldn’t see her, she slipped her underwear off to the best she could with her cast and slipped on the thong. She then swiftly, slipped her arms out of her sleeves so she could put the bra on from under her blouse without having to remove it. She didn’t want to give the attendant the chance to see anything. The

only free show she was willingly to give was to Jason.


Nicole smiled once everything was on; she suddenly felt incredibly sexy. The

lingerie had given her a confidence boost. She couldn’t wait to ravage Jason

once she got to wherever the hell she was going.


She reached for the letter and opened it.


Dear Nicole,

I cannot wait for you to get here, if only to rip off your clothes. Just

thinking about what you’ve got hidden under them, is driving me mad.


Have you been naughty, Mrs. Niocle? I think you have. I can’t wait for you to get here, so I can unwrap my gift. I just want to run my hands all over you, baby. I can’t wait to taste every inch of you.


You have no idea what your broken leg does to me, Nicole! I know its crazy but it makes you even sexier.

The next address is written on the back of this card.

I’m waiting.



Nicole moaned for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last hour. She could

practically see the smirk he was most definitely wearing when he had written the



You have no idea what your broken leg does to me, Nicole. God, she had no idea about how he felt about her cast. She was already dripping onto the new panties, so tempted to just reach down and relieve the ache that kept getting worse.


Was it a fetish thing for him that she was on crutches? Her body was on fire, and all

she wanted to do was put it out. She struggled to enter the new address into the GPS. Her hands trembled, as she clicked the buttons. She was so aroused, so fucking hot for him.



Part 3 to come




Love Letters


Part 1


This had been the longest week of Nicole’s life. Everyday had seemingly passed

slower than the previous starting with her broken leg last Sunday.


It felt like time had wanted to purposely toy with her, knowing that the end of the school year was fast approaching and the summer break was coming up. Even as she lectured standing on her crutches about some of the great Canadian writers, all she could focus on was her broken leg in front of her that had just ruined her summer break.


As her students bounced ideas off each other, her eyes constantly kept glancing up at the picture of a rock formation that she had blown to poster size that was in the back of the class. She watched the picture and imagined the pleasure she would have felt climbing that rock again this summer. Feeling pain while pushing the limit of her physical and mental capacity.


She went around the room slowly on her crutches careful not to hit her broken leg on the desks.


This was the last period of her day, and there were only ten minutes left, but they were beginning to feel like the longest ten minutes of her life. All she had wanted to do was go home and spend her vacation tangled in her bed sheets with her lover and resting her shoulders that were so sore from all the crutches the last 5 days.


She hated crutches so much.


They had finally come out in the open about their relationship last week. Maybe this long cast was a punishment for the years she had an affair with a married man. She had been in love with him for a long time.


Nicole had literally walked right into him, as she tried to find her way around the massive campus some years ago when she started teaching there. He formally introduced himself, and the rest, as they say, is history.


She was going straight to hell she taught while she felt some pain running up her broken leg.


Nicole has almost missed the sound of the school bell ringing, reminiscing about

the first time she had met Jason. It was a relief though, as the shrill sound filled the classroom and hallways.


She hastily gathered her things in her back pack, bidding farewell to her class and telling them to have a fun and safe summer but more importantly read at least a few good books this summer.


Yeah right she could hear.


She practically ran down the hallway on her crutches, well as fast as she could with a left leg in a cast and wearing a low heel on her right foot,  without risking her safety. Spending the summer on crutches was one thing but she didn’t want to be in a wheelchair with 2 broken legs.


All Nicole could think about was Jason. Her broken leg had made it difficult for

the two of them to make love. He was so careful not to hurt her more. Of course, they loved each other, Jason always held her at night, but she missed the raw passion of when they were lovers cheating every night.


She missed how animalistic Jason could be, how he would literally attack her once she would step foot into his room. She even missed her own urges. She used to want it all the time, but now there was always an excuse; work, I’m too tired, whatever it was. But tonight, she wanted to surprise him.


Her leg was still sore but she was aching for something else. She was so dam horny from all the looks she got around the campus. She was no model but she knew she was cute but ever since breaking her leg it was incredible. People were staring at her legs, both the one in the cast and the other one like she was meat. She personally hated the cast; it was ruining her life and her summer.


Nicole just about jumped into the car, but stopped herself, carefully sitting and then sliding in her broken left leg. Good thing the cast was bent at the knee because she would not be able to drive if it was straight.


She spotted a pink envelope on the windshield of her car. There was a tiny red bow on the front, and her name was scrawled across it in a beautiful gold calligraphic script.


It was Jason’s handwriting.


She opened the envelope carefully not wanting to ruin it. She pulled out the familiar stationary from its confine and began to read.


Dear Nicole,

My love, tonight is our night.

Follow my instructions, carefully.

The address written on the bottom is the first location. There you’ll find another set of instructions, and another address.


But before we begin, get into the car and take off your shoe, baby. I know your broken leg is aching still but believe me nobody has ever looked so sexy in a leg cast like you do now.


Sure sure was all she could think at the moment


Your right foot is aching from standing up all day in this sexy heel. I can’t wait until you get here so I can rub it for you. You make the most beautiful sounds when I do.


Now, take down your hair, love. Let is cascade down that beautiful back of yours. I can’t wait until you’re here, so I can run my hands through it. I love how it feels between my fingers when I make love to you.


You have until seven to get here, Nicole. I’ll be waiting. Love Jason


Nicole gasped, as she read the letter. Here she had been planning to surprise Jason, and this man had already gone out of his way to do something for her.


She reread the letter as she got into the car, slipping her shoe off as she sat down. He was so right. Her foot did ache, it always did taking in all her weight all day while she’s on crutches.


She let out a moan, as she imagined his hands working their magic. She could already feel herself getting wet, the desire already coursing through her body. She couldn’t wait to get to Jason.


She let her hair down just as Jason had requested of her and ran her fingers through it a few times, before tugging on it slowly. Jason loved to pull on her curls, and she loved when he did. Again, she moaned. She didn’t know how she was going to last on this little goose chase.


Nicole tore out of the parking lot, following the voice of the GPS to the undisclosed destination. Different scenarios kept playing in her head. She wondered what Jason was up to.


Truth be told, Nicole hated her stupid GPS box. It sat on her dashboard, it was big and bulky in her line of vision. She never used it. Ever.


“Turn left in 750 meters.”


Ok, I can do this, Nicole nodded to herself. Putting on her blinker, she turned onto the two-way street and glanced down at the GPS and noticed that she was getting closer to her destination. This road looked like one of those creepy roads in the horror movies, where the girl takes the wrong turn and ends up at a dusty and deserted gas station with a guy who has a baseball bat and breaks the cute mousy girl’s leg.


“Eh Jason at least he wont have to break mine, Tongo already did that” You see her horse was spooked by something he saw and she felt off with all her weight on her left leg. She broke her tibia, fibula bone and badly broke her knee. Rehab was going to be long and painful.  


“Destination 500 meters.”


“Oh, god. I can’t believe this” She said looking outside


Part 2 to come

Beautiful and Sexy Legs





Cindy picked up the remote and began to flip through channels while sitting comfortably in her chair with her cast on a pillow. She stopped with a grin when she saw an old black and white movie called L’Astragale


“Look Jason, this poor woman is jumping off the wall, wow she will break something that’s for sure”


Jason shook his head as the beautiful actress was on the ground holding on to her ankle

“Ouch” he said while looking at his wife cast.


Cindy grinned as she stood up on her right foot and made her way to the sofa to be with him.

Jason pointed to the screen and said,


“She even look like you.”


“Nuh uh,” Cindy objected. “I look nothing like her.”


Jason smiled affectionately as he said, “No, you’re much prettier.”


“I’m sure her ankle is broken look at her crawl.” She said while wishing that she was the one crawling desperately


Jason reached over and placed a gentle finger on her casted foot rubbing her toes.


“Hmm, let me see.”


When she turned to look at him, he smiled and said, “You’re right, it must be broken” as he kissed her softly while rubbing her cast.


“Smooth,” she complimented.


Jason smiled as he brushed her ponytail over her shoulder, and leaned down to kiss the nape of her neck.


Cindy hummed. “Whatcha doin’ there?” she asked softly.


“Necking,” Jason whispered, his warm breath teasing the damp skin where his lips had been a moment before.


“I’m too tired, all day on crutches at work” Cindy sighed.


“You don’t have to do a thing,” he assured her as he moved to place her cast on his knees.


“Ah, the old massage the poor toes at the end of the cast ploy,” she said quietly as she closed her eyes again.


“No ploy, just a massage,” he replied.


“That’s what they all say,” she mumbled


“Who all?” Jason asked pointedly.


“All the men who try to touch my cast during the course of my day,” she answered.


“A lot?” Jason smiled


“A dozen or so, it depends on the day, I’m so sexy on my crutches” she told him laughing


“You’re a sexy tease,”


Cindy drew in a breath and said softly, “God you feel good.”


“You think?” Jason asked in a low dangerous voice as he brushed feather light kisses across her toes.


“I love feeling your hard cock on my toes.” Cindy pulled back her cast against his hard cock, Using her right foot she was rubbing his erection against her casted foot as she twirl her toes around his erection.


“You’ll have to let me go or I will cum right now.” He loved to feel her foot, toes and cast bringing so close to pure pleasure.


Jason breathing grew heavier as he closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on pleasuring her with his fingers as his own body screamed for relief. “Jason,” she whispered hoarsely.


“Yes,” he growled against her ear. Cindy moaned softly as his climax began to



“Oh God, yes,” Jason whispered as he came all over her toes


“Oh my God,” she whispered on a rush of air as she calmed. She drew in a gasping breath.


“No reason at all that I can’t get you completely naked and have my way with you,” she said smugly.


“Cindy, seriously,” Jason began to protest while she got up on her right foot and went to the end of the living room dancing for him.


“Do I not look serious?” she asked as she began to dance, moving her hips in a very sensual way while keeping the cast off the floor at all time.


Cindy sat down on the floor, rubbing her breast and from time to time taking her cast.


“Poor thing, maybe I should let you cool down a little,” she said as took her casted foot and kissed her toes.


“You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” he rasped.


Cindy nodded solemnly and said, “That was my plan.”


She glanced down and noticed that his legs were dangling half way off.


She smiled and started to crawl toward him. Her breast barely off the floor, sliding her cast and smiling. Using her strong arms to move forward. For a second she looked crippled with paralyse legs


Cindy lifted herself off of the floor using his legs. Jason groaned in anticipation as she lowered her lips to him. He shivered and tensed at the first touch, but when her tongue touched the tip of him, and the sensation of her mouth warming around him.


“Cindy,” he groaned as she began to stroke his shaft with one hand, drawing on the tip of him as she set a relentless pace. Cindy took him deeper into her mouth as she squeezed the base of his cock, and cupped his balls in her hand.


“Jesus,” Jason gasped as he blindly groped to pull her hand away, all the while thrusting up into her mouth mindlessly.


Cindy slowly let her mouth slide up to the head of his cock, and placed a soft kiss to the very tip of him before she looked up at him with a satisfied smile. She crawled slowly up over him, and planted her hands on either side of his head before lowering her body to his.


She rested her weight on him fully, stretching her arms out over his and seeking his hands as he had sought hers earlier. She was sliding her cast up and down his leg and loving the look on his face.


“I still plan to make it up to you,” he told her


“I plan to take you up on that,” she said with a smile.


“I guess you’re just lucky that I’m easy and like to please my husband,” she teased.


Jason wriggled his hands free from hers and wrapped his hands around her tightly possibly broken ankle and yanked her up over his hard penis.


“There’s nothing easy about you,” he said while sliding deep inside her


“Nothing at all,” he said as he ran his hand down her ponytail. He craned his neck to press a kiss to the top of her head and then said,


“But I am lucky. Very lucky.”


The end







Beautiful and Sexy Legs

Part 5


Cindy smiled and said, “No I was pulling your leg, my ankle is too sore for that anyway. Maybe you could apply a cast to my leg instead of this ugly boot. I bough material online last week just in case you felt like it.”



“Oh well, okay then if you want me to. How do you feel about a leg cast again?”


“It will be find, I need to protect it and I hate this heavy boot” Cindy said moaning slight;y when she moved her ankle.


“It’s in the kitchen closest” Cindy said as she jerked her head toward the dining



“You’re not serious,” Jason asked blankly.


“Oh yes I am, your injured wife will be in short purple cast” she said with a decisive nod.


Jason walked the closet and got the casting material. He was so excited and yet scared shit.


She kissed him lingeringly and with his help she pulled the chair away and then hopped up to sit on the edge leaving him a clear access to her injured limb.


Cindy looked at him boldly and said, “A veritable feast of possibilities.”


“Feast,” Jason repeated, his eyes lighting at the thought. He took a step toward her and then paused, jerking his head up as he looked at the windows. He crossed the room in three strides, and hurriedly closed the drapes.


 “People can see in here,” he hissed.


“Weren’t so worried about that in the living room,” Cindy pointed out as she swung her injured leg, stark naked on the table.


Jason’s smile widened, lighting his eyes as he said in a low voice, “I was just

thinkin’ that this is the best spread that’s ever been laid out on this table. Injured ankle or not”


Cindy threw her head back and laughed, her throat arching toward the ceiling

as the sound filled the room.


“Such a dirty boy,” she said as she shook her head at him.


“Such a delicious girl,” Jason answered, sliding the stockinet over his wife damaged leg.


“Maybe I want a bite,” he whispered to her while getting the rolls ready


“Just one?” she asked, staring up at her covered lower leg as his warm breath sent a shiver racing down her spine.


“You are such a sexy tease” he answered as he angled his hands and started to wrap the fiber material around her ankle and foot.


“It will be like old time except you will be closer to me” she said


“I know” he answered as he lifted his head and captured her lips. He tugged her bottom lip into his mouth, nibbling it gently before sucking on it suggestively. He released it with a soft sigh and said,


“I’m hungry.” While staring the second roll from her ankle up her strong calve to inches below her knee.


“You are? What do you want?” she asked, feeling the cast and his cock getting harder on the spot.


“You,” he murmured as he nuzzled her ear.


“Every bit of you,” he told her while staring at her leg. He wanted this cast to be perfect. Smooth, long and just super sexy.


“Well, luckily, that’s your special week because now in this cast I will need you even more” she replied with a smile while sliding her hands between her legs.


Jason pulled back and whispered, “Lay down but keep the cast up”


Cindy complied. “Like this?” she asked.


Jason nodded and said, “Just like that,” as he moved up the side of the table. He leaned over again, and pressed his mouth to hers, kissing her heatedly. His tongue swept into her mouth, tangling with hers and teasing her slowly. He deepened the kiss further, opening his mouth wider, trying to take more of her.


The cast was perfect for the perfect wife.


“Where are you going?” she asked.


Jason jerked his head to the side, and said, “Other side of the buffet,” as he

turned her on her stomach.


“You’re a little twisted,” she said with a laugh.


“Anybody that let her husband hurt her ankle has to be a bit twisted also and she sure are enjoying yourself.” he said


“I doooooooo” she said moaning when she felt his mouth, licking, biting and sucking her ass.

While holding and feeling the hard cast in his hand, he moved and brushed his lips all over her right leg. He smiled as she tensed for a second, and then relaxed, opening her legs a little wider in



“Not yet,” he said as he let his warm breath wash over her.

“Tease,” she breathed.


He lifted her leg and took her casted foot.  He bent low and drew her big toe into his mouth,

running his tongue around it as he sucked suggestively.


“Ahhhh!” Cindy moaned while he licked her toes for a few minutes


He reached for her with both hands, and pulled her hips to the edge of the table, dragging

the tablecloth along with her. Jason looked her in the eyes as he took himself in hand again and pressed against her entrance.


As he entered her, Cindy looked down and swallowed hard.


“I love you” she said with a sly smile.


Jason groaned as he began to drive into her again and again.


“Jason,” she sighed as she felt the first wave of pleasure wash over her. Jason closed his eyes, giving over to the sensation as she held him tighter and tighter. He kissed her again, groaning softly against her mouth as he came. He continued to kiss her, pecking softly at the corner of

her mouth as they tried to slow their breathing. Cindy smiled, her lips

curving under his as she whispered,


“Pass the potatoes.” She said laughing happily


He helped Cindy down from the table and with his support she hopped to the living room. She grabbed her crutches and slowly made her way to the bedroom.


Cindy was already in bed, turned on her side with her hands tucked under her

cheek. He smiled to himself as he turned out the lamp. He crawled under the covers and

curled his body around hers, his arm touched her cast, a soft smile of satisfaction curving his lips as his eyelids grew heavy.


“Love you,” he mumbled in a drowsy voice.


“Love you too, Babe,” Cindy said with a contented sigh.


Conclusion to come

Beautiful and Sexy Legs

Part 4

 “Oh, well, I was going to say I think you broke my ankle”

Jason sighed as he pulled away from her and said, “Noooooo it’s just your sprained ankle teasing you” He sat back and said, “Roll over, I’ll unzip you.”

Cindy flipped onto her stomach and Jason slowly drew the zipper down, exposing the soft skin along her spine. They were both looking at her lower leg….


2 weeks later


Jason stepped into the front hall, and called, “Hello, hello are you in?”


“Hi,” Cindy said in a sultry voice as she appeared in the living room doorway on her crutches wearing her old cheerleading uniform still fitting perfectly in the key area.


“Hellooo,” Jason said, breaking the word into two syllables as his eyes raked over her whole body in that uniform specially her left leg that was now protected from him by a black long slim camwalker. He usually hated cam but this one was kinda sexy on her.


“Wow you look amazing Cindy, this fits you like a glove” he blurted looking at the protector on her lower leg. The advantage of that one was the fact that it went high on her lower leg and the foot portion was short showing off her toes.


“Yes I know I feel like I did back then. I had an amazing day at work and now I want to have an amazing night” Cindy said as she cocked her head and rested her cam on top of the running shoe she was wearing on her right foot.


Cindy smiled as she made her way on her crutches and said,


“You know exactly who you are, and what power you have on me. Now come with me,” she said

as she flashed him a smile filled with promises and led him toward the living room. He loved to follow her on crutches in that tight outfit.


“You are so beautiful” Jason said as he kissed her again.


Cindy turned to face him while on her crutches. As he began to rain fervent kisses down her throat she whispered,


“Come on, come on, come on, now touch me, babe.” Jason smiled as he caught the beaded tip of her breast with his teeth through the fabric, rolling it gently between them.


“Oh God, take me now while I’m standing like this on my crutches” she moaned as she squeezed her crutches harder. Jason drew her into his mouth, sucking on her deeply as she pressed up into him, aching for more.


“Hands,” she panted. “I want your hands on me. Touch me” she whispered.


Jason cupped both of her breasts, still suckling her as he squeezed her. Cindy pressed

down, grinding against his leg as she moaned loudly. Jason released her nipple and moved to suck hungrily at her other breast. Cindy released her left crutch and reached between his leg,

wrapping her hand around his cock, and stroking him hard and fast.


“Cindy,” he gasped, pressing his lips to the soft mound of her breast.


“Jesus you feel good,” he muttered as he grabbed both of her arms and pin her to the wall the other crutch falling down.


“So good,” Cindy echoed as she was standing on her right foot.


“You hurt me so bad that I will never walk properly again. I deserve a good fuck now” she said urging him on.


Jason cock was poised at her entrance.


“Yes, make love to your crippled wife” she breathed


He thrust into her, a guttural groan ripping from her throat. He pulled out of her again.


“So wet,” he murmured as he thrust again and again, each time pausing to watch as he entered

her, disappearing into her. He pushed back grasping her hips.


“Are you watching, baby?” Cindy asked in a low breathy voice.


“You like to see your cock in your injured wife” she whispered.


“God, yes,” Jason grunted.


“Fill me up, baby,” she said as she closed her eyes, riding each wave of pleasure as he thrust into her. Cindy planted her boot on the floor, bending her knees to lift herself higher to meet each stroke.


“Oh, so hard” she moaned feeling pain running through her lower leg.


“Cindy, stop, you can’t stand on your ankle yet” Jason groaned.


“Don’t wanna, I want you to take off the boot and take my sprained ankle in your hands,” she panted.


“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she panted.


“So hot for you, that I will be using a brace for  life my love” she murmured.


“So hot for your hands to be all over my leg and ankle” she moaned as he thrust faster.


“Geez,” he grunted before resting on his knee while taking off the only thing protecting her ankle right now.


“Tell me,” she commanded breathlessly.


“Tell me how much you love me injured,” she whispered.


“Madly,” Jason groaned as he felt the familiar tingling and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer while feeling her ankle in his hands.


“God, I love you,” he ground out while slight twisting her ankle.


“Even when I limp around partly crippled’ Cindy asked, the question ending on a



“For you and I anything,” Jason promised.


“Cindy,” he warned as his control snapped. He pounded into her wildly, lost in his release as he spilled into her while his hand squeezed her ankle.


“Baby, oh baby my ankleeeeeeeee,” Cindy moaned as she clutched his ass, holding him deep inside of her as she ground against him.


“Oh baby,” she moaned as she felt her own climax building. “Don’t stop,” she begged.


“No,” he breathed as he continued to stroke her, his body shuddering with each thrust, each nerve ending in his body stretched taut and humming as she coiled tightly around him. When he felt her begin to tumble over the edge, he slowed, trying to draw her pleasure out, feeling every spasm as she held him fast.


“Love you madly,” he whispered.


Cindy’s face relaxed into a smile of pure feminine contentment as he slowed buried deep within her.


 She relaxed while holding on to her sprained ankle.


“Gimme a minute I will be right back.”


Jason kissed her collarbone and said, “I need to, uh,” as he nodded to the spot beside her.


“Don’t go very far love I will need your hand to try to put that boot back on. My lower leg and ankle doesn’t look so good right now,” she warned.


“I won’t, trust me,” he said


“Help me up please” Cindy said with a lovely smile.


Jason smiled as he helped her up and she hop on her good foot to the dinning room.


“Hey, I was thinking we should do it on the dining room table,” she said in an

excited whisper while she was very careful not to hit her very sore lower leg an ankle.


“You really want to have sex on the dining room table?” Jason asked incredulously.


Cindy smiled and said, “No I was pulling your leg, my ankle is too sore for that anyway. Maybe you could …


Part 5 to come




Beautiful and Sexy Legs

Part 3

“You know, there is something so dam sexy about injured woman.” he said while applying the ankle brace and wrapping her foot and ankle with the ace bandages.

 “You look like you’re so dependant on these crutches and yet so sexy Cindy.”

Cindy’s smiled at the compliment. She quickly covered by asking, “Are we ready before I attack and rape you right here right now?”

“I think we are, but that those sound interesting” he said reluctantly releasing her sprained ankle.

“Well then, I think you should take your injured wife on a date” Cindy said with a nod as she reached for her crutches. She positions her crutches under her arms and grimaces as she looked down at her pretty dress and bandaged ankle.

Jason saw her internal debate and said, “You will be the prettiest woman there. Trust me”


They were led to a tiny alcove with a rounded banquette lit by a candle. Cindy frowned slightly as she slid inside the banquette and Jason took away her crutches. She ordered red wine and Jason nodded for the waiter to bring the same for him.

By the time their entrees were served, Jason frowned slightly and asked, “Do you feel okay?”